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Some Crystals Have An Exceptionally High Vibration..

Friday 11th October 2019

Crystal energy is the power that Crystals naturally give & that we are blessed to be able to use to heal ourselves. Some have a very high frequency, & their strong energy fields can be used to raise your personal vibration. Many of us are particularly drawn to higher vibration Stones as they have potent healing energies. By combining one of the rare high vibration Crystals with other more common high energy Stones, you can create an amazing result. Herkimer Diamonds & Moldavite are two of a group of high frequency Crystals that are easier to obtain. The higher the vibration of the Stones that we buy, the better they are to use for spiritual healing, & we need to…

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Reiki Empowers Crystals; Crystals Amplify Reiki..

Friday 4th October 2019

Crystals are amazing - certainly not just pretty stones. They have the ability to store, transmit & amplify energy - if you find yourself doubting this, just take time out to remember what's working tirelessly behind the scenes to make your personal computer so powerfully special. Spending time around Crystals will show you how engaging they can be... In fact, many Crystal lovers consider them to be alive... & will tell you that you don't find them - the Crystal finds you. If you learn to listen you'll hear their words, not verbally of course, but intuitively. Empowering your Crystals with Reiki is very simple, especially if you're a Reiki practitioner. If you don't practice this amazing art, Reiki practitioners are easily…

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Crystals & the Planets..

Friday 27th September 2019

The planets are massive, heavenly rocks that influence our bodies here on Earth. Crystals are massive, inner-earth rocks & also influence our bodies. "As above, so below" is a Universal Law, and as such, the beautiful Crystals that form below us also correspond to the beautiful planets that rotate & spiral around us. We know from astrology that the planets "speak" to one another through their aspects (conjunct, square, trine, opposition, etc). Just as they influence our bodies on Earth, the planets also connect to that which forms within the earth. Every planet has corresponding crystals that share a type of energetic resonance. Basically, everything is connected. We know what Crystals are, how they form, how they are classified, how they can energetically impact…

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Re-align Your Chakras With Crystal Energy..

Friday 20th September 2019

Negative energy is all around, just waiting for us to pick it up, whenever we spend time with other people, we're exposed to their subtle vibrations & energies. Through these meetings, energies like fear, anger, criticism, blame, doubt, & judgement can find & capture the essence of our being throughout childhood & adulthood - right alongside those of love, acceptance & spirituality. Learning how to protect our aura is essential, because we're more susceptible to negative energy & thoughts when we're overstressed, experiencing negativity ourselves, or when we suffer Chakra imbalances. Emotions in others can also be contagious, as these negative frequencies pass themselves along through vibrations to others who are feeling fragile. Anger & irritability are also easily passed on…

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Third Eye Activation..

Friday 13th September 2019

Think of the Third Eye as that bridge between your Soul & the Universe. We are all Universe energy manifesting as human, & it's the Third Eye where we hold the link. It's the birthing place of your intuition & connection to Divine Realms. By opening your Third Eye, it not only grants you access into the unseen world, but it also releases feel good chemicals that can help to make life on earth just that little bit easier. If we want to enhance our intuition & strengthen Divine connection, the foundation is the Third Eye. It's also believed to be the Pineal Gland, which is an important part of the brain & is said to regulate dreams, consciousness & ability…

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Cleansing Your Crystals...

Friday 30th August 2019

If you're new to Crystals, you might be wondering why you should cleanse them; it's hard to imagine how they can get dirty. If this is you, read on for the hows & whys of cleansing Crystals. If you're familiar with cleansing, just skip down to where the various methods are listed for a refresher course :-) Why cleanse your Crystals? Whether you use yours for programming, or you just like to wear them, it's important to keep them cleansed on a regular basis. Let's say you don't actively "work" with your Stones, but you like to wear them, either for protection against negative energies or perhaps you just like the way your Crystal pendant looks on that…

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Crystals to help increase fertility..

Friday 23rd August 2019

If you want a little extra help in the pregnancy & fertility department, these are the 'go to' Crystals.. remember, nothing is guaranteed but the Crystal energy will definitely help.. Moonstone is referred to as a "woman's healing stone", traditionally used for feminine healing & balancing of the female hormones; it's one of the most powerful Crystals for fertility & will help to align you with your natural rhythm. It has a reflective & calming energy & balances our emotions caused by stress & anxiety. Also said to have the power to grant wishes. Moonstone is a love stone, & will draw love to its wearer & help solve problems between lovers. If it's worn during sexual intercourse, it not only…

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The Healing Properties & Joy of the Colour Green

Friday 16th August 2019

Green is a great harmoniser and balancer of the Universe. Getting rid of negative emotions and mental stress, it restores stability. A wonderful colour to use when you're feeling indecisive. Green is made up of yellow and blue, yellow being the last part of the magnetic, hot side of the spectrum; and blue being the first part of the electric, cool side. Yellow clarifies and blue brings wisdom. This energy brings growth, compassion, unconditional love, openness, forgiveness, acceptance and contentment. Children benefit from its calming effects, as green is sleep-inducing. Use Green when: * you need to soothe your nerves * you have tension headaches * you want to find peace and harmony * you have digestive issues * you need to calm down The healing properties of…

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Boost Your Confidence with Crystals & Affirmations

Friday 9th August 2019

Confidence is not just about how we look, how we talk, & how we act. True confidence comes from within! It's about believing in ourselves & what we can do. Until we work on strengthening what's within, the other things don't mean very much at all. Building confidence in organic ways such as saying affirmations is a great source of inspiration & using these Crystals in support of the affirmations will only help to see & feel the results of our efforts in less time! Bringing the Crystals into regular & consistent meditation enables us to hold onto our composure easily in stressful situations, & at the same time allows us to understand the energies of each Crystal on a…

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A Crystal Kit for Emotional Healing

Friday 2nd August 2019

Feeling stressed out & need a little help? Stay calm because this Crystal Kit will rescue you! The full swing of our emotions can wear us down. Sometimes we feel stressed & depressed, other times we're overwhelmed with anger & occasionally we feel fearful. So how can we regulate our emotions effectively without having to feel so worn out? Life is already short, so instead of making it miserable, we can learn to balance our emotions & be happy, using the vibrational energy from Crystals. These are the Crystals in my emotional healing kit: Clear Quartz - a wonderful Crystal for healing mind, body & soul. It can help change our mindset about fear, an emotion which holds us back often…

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