Using Crystals in Meditation

Meditation is extremely beneficial for every part of our being - our mind, body and spirit. It's relaxing, clears our mind and releases negative energy and unwanted thoughts. Crystals are a powerful tool to deepen the meditation, as well as helping to achieve a specific outcome. They will help to raise your consciousness and awareness, deepening your intuition and bringing insight. Really good crystals to use in meditation are quartz and selenite. Quartz brings clarity of mind and helps you to become more focussed and clear about your dreams. It also amplifies the energy of any other crystals. Selenite facilitates the release of negative energies to energetically cleanse your body and protects your energy field.

Palm stones are really good for meditation because they are larger than tumblestones and fit snugly in the palm of your hand. As you're meditating hold one in each hand and feel the energy flowing into your body and calming your mind.

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Why not give it a go? Lie somewhere comfortable and flat, face up, on a bed or a mat on the floor. Place a Citrine crystal on your naval - this will relax your body; a
Rose Quartz crystal on your heart will energise all the positive emotions inside you and an Amethyst crystal on your brow will help to still your mind and stop your thoughts racing. Once you've got all the crystals in position, close your eyes and imagine that the energy radiating from the crystals is entering your body.
Breathe deeply and try to relax as much as possible. Let the crystals go to work on the emotions inside you.

These crystals are just a few of the many possibilities that can be used in meditation. Perhaps you have your favourite crystal - all you have to do is believe in its energies and it will help you in return!
Crystal Blessings