Choosing Crystals...

Choosing Crystals...

To Help Heal a Broken Relationship...

We would recommend crystals that will work on the energy within the relationship as well as the people involved. Place the Crystals listed below on your heart and meditate with them. You could also place the Crystals in the relationship corner of your home (the far right corner as you walk through the front door).

  • Peridot - can improve difficult relationships by releasing negative patterns
  • Rose Quartz- facilitates unconditional love and peace and restores trust and harmony
  • Rhodonite - helps clear emotional wounds
  • Amazonite - assists with trusting each other
  • Amber - encourages loyalty and romantic love
  • Lapis Lazuli - will help with balancing love

Love is the foundation upon which life is built. Where love is practiced honestly and without reservation we find that conflicts disappear, growth and abundance appear. Fear vanishes and the true spiritual nature of yourself and others will emerge. Healing will occur and true joy is possible

First and foremost, learn to love yourself.
Practice self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. When you love yourself, your heart becomes receptive to love, and the way is open to attracting a soulmate, restoring a broken friendship, nurturing a new relationship, improving your ability to interact with everyone around you. Understand and know that you are perfect in your natural state (as is everyone else) and from this understanding you can begin to truly love yourself.

Crystals Blessings on your journey of Love <3