A-Z of Crystals


• Abalone - although not a crystal or mineral, is widely used in jewellery and has its own particular healing properties. It is a mollusc or shellfish with a beautiful, iridescent interior to its shell, which is actually created by a coating of 'nacre' or Mother of Pearl, and with a stunning range of colours. Abalone has a calming energy and can be of use in emotionally charged situations; soothing the emotions and settling the spirit. It also promotes psychic development and intuition, and enhances creativity. Abalone resonates with the first three chakras; Root, Spleen and Sacral, but due to its gorgeous shimmering colours, it also works well with the Third Eye Chakra. Physically it is said to be of use for arthritis (osteo- and rheumatoid) and other joint problems, plus disorders of the muscles and digestive tract.

Agate- is a variety of Chalcedony which is a microcrystalline (tiny crystal) variety of Quartz. Agates are often found with distinct bands and are composed of layers of Quartz, sometimes of differing colours. The properties of Agate vary from stone to stone depending (mainly) on their colour, but all Agates share some common properties. Generally speaking in all its forms it is renowned for its ability to balance energy on all levels but especially for Yin/Yang balancing. Emotionally, Agate can be useful for dealing with feelings of envy by helping us to understand and accept the place or situation we found ourselves in that brought about the initial feelings. Through this understanding Agate helps ground the low-vibration energy (works well with feelings of jealously too), releasing us to progress more freely with our spiritual development. Agate is also known to enhance creativity making it an excellent stone for artists. It is also a very protective stone.

Amazonite - works on both the Heart and Throat Chakras, opening them to aid loving communication. It also works well with the Brow Chakra and aiding intuition. It is super for absorbing damaging emissions from mobile phones and microwaves. It balances masculine and feminine energy (Yin and Yang) and is excellent for men wishing to get in touch with their femininity. It is known for being a very lucky stone and also as the Stone of Hope - keeping strength and hope up in difficult and trying circumstances.

Amber - although not a crystal (it's fossilized prehistoric tree resin) Amber is widely used in crystal healing because of its beautiful, sunny, uplifting energies. It has a strong connection with the Earth and is a powerful Chakra cleanser. It has been worn to help relieve tension headaches and to relieve arthritis. In some Far Eastern countries it is referred to as the 'Tiger Stone'; the stone which carries the soul, and therefore energies of the tiger, promoting courage and strength.

Amethyst - Another firm favourite! Amethyst enhances the function of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras; protective and powerful with a high vibration. It has been used throughout the ages for its protective properties; to protect from fear, guard against bad dreams, to absorb and dispel negativity, and is favoured by healers for its ability to focus energy. Once prized by royalty, nobility and ancient energy workers alike, nowadays, because of its ready availability it is often overlooked in favour of some of the more exotic or rarer stones.

• Ametrine - A mixture of Amethyst and Citrine together in one stone. Citrine is heated Amethyst. This process can occur naturally when part of an Amethyst cluster is exposed to 'hot' rocks in the earth, heating and transforming the part nearest the heat source into Citrine. The result is a crystal cluster part Amethyst, part Citrine, or Ametrine. If you're looking to change your life this can be a very useful combination; Amethyst helps you visualize the change you want to bring about and Citrine helps you manifest it!

Quartz Angel Aura - see Opal Aura

Angelite - is known as one of the Stones of the Angels, heightening our awareness of the angelic realm and facilitating angelic contact. It is a beautiful crystal which promotes peace, compassion and understanding. Physically it is said to help relieve pain and healers use it to help clear energy blockages, whether in the body or environment. It is also excellent for conditions affecting the throat. In its natural state it is quite brittle which is why carving and jewellery specimens are quite rare. The tumble stones are readily available and have a distinctly waxy feel to them.

Apatite - is a stone of harmony and inner peace, and in its sea-green colour, works beautifully with the heart chakra. It is also a great confidence giver; boosting self-belief and poise, which may be of particular use when facing a difficult or challenging situation. If worn or held when meditating it is said that this lovely stone can help us achieve a deeper meditative state, leading to a clearer, more enlightened understanding of matters relevant to the individual. When used in conjunction with other crystals, it can also help enhance their individual vibrations, hence improving the desired healing results. Furthermore, it is said to enhance our intuitive and creative abilities.

•Aqua Aura - is Clear Quartz coated with a 1 micron film of pure gold, which gives it its distinctive, electric, peacock blue colour. It is an outstanding tool for people wishing to increase their psychic skills and awareness. It assists with meditation, telepathy, and psychic healing by intensifying the energy generated. It is particularly helpful for distance healing because of its ability to send energy. It is also used for protection from psychic attack.

Aquamarine - is a beautiful sea-green mineral of the Beryl family. It is known as the Stone of Courage, giving the wearer strength whilst calming and soothing and has an affinity with sensitive people. It is said to both shield the aura and also to align the chakras and sharpens the intuition. This makes it an excellent crystal to wear whilst meditating. It is also protective and in ancient times was believed to guard against attack from the dark side!

Auralite 23* - The stone itself, works with the upper Chakras, but more specifically, has a healing role all over the body. Auralite 23 Crystal enhances healing, personal development and intuition extensively and on many levels and can really only be appreciated once it's been held. It is a stone of all empowering knowledge, and inspiration. It will help us greatly to understand our shortfalls and our abilities, like never before. Also this is a stone that can help to remove prejudice and unnecessary judgment. Auralite 23 is an excellent tool for spiritual healing, brings about inner purification, increases our psychic sensitivity, insights into truth, lucid dreaming, balanced awakenings, experiences with our angels and visions of future events. It lets us remember our past life, the associated karma and then helps us release those old karmic patterns. Auralite 23 is a wonderful facilitator for deep meditation, brings about an inner focus which helps us delve far into the highest realms, focuses on our inner spirit and abundances that are present around us. Work with this stone slowly, and get used to it for a time, as it sweeps away debris from your consciousness. Just being alone with the stone, is actually enough for healing to begin. Hold Auralite 23 at both the Crown and Heart Chakras to create a powerful flow of energy. Auralite 23 helps to relax the body and can be beneficial in the removal of tension, headaches, eye strain, muscle discomfort and muscle spasms. It can also be of help to vascular health, bringing an improved function and healing. Auralite 23 balances our physical body and removing chronic problems within our body, reminds our body of its proper vital functions and bring forth regeneration and rejuvenation, activates all 7 of our main Chakras and also those above our head and below our feet, balances, awakens and opens our kundalini energies.

* Aqua Aura Quartz - can enhance communications of all kinds. It can help us both speak and see the truth. Because of bringing energies of truth in, this crystal is used to enhance speaking, whether in a small group or a larger public group. This also assists with growing and using self-expression in a calm and loving manner.
Aqua Aura is called both a success stone and an abundance stone. It is said to attract success to all who use or carry it, and help us understand that it is indeed success. Aqua Aura can bring prosperity, even possibly wealth. Aqua Aura is an outstanding tool for people wishing to increase their psychic skills and awareness. Aqua Aura strengthens meditation which can enhance any psychic endeavors. Aqua Aura is used to empower and enhance telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychic healing, and automatic writing as well as other modalities. In part this psychic empowerment is due to bringing more intense energy to the effort.
The strength of Aqua Aura is also excellent protection from psychic attacks. It helps strengthen and heal the auric field which is a first line against negative psychic energy. It can protect against psychic "vampires", and other parasitic or draining negative energies. Aqua Aura is said to assist in conscious awareness of our own motivations and patterns.
As humans we tend to spend a great deal of emotional energy closing our eyes to our own truths. Ceasing to expend this energy brings a calm sense of clarity about these motivations and patterns. This enables us to improve these for our highest good.
Aqua Aura is used by crystal healers and others to calm the emotions and the emotional body. It is a powerful stress reliever. It is also a strong energy for reducing or eliminating anger. It is said to help process emotional disturbances, grief, and traumas to a point where they are no longer stressful. Aqua Aura is said to ease the transition of death process by bringing calm and a sure inner knowledge of universal truths. This easing can be brought about by placing an Aqua Aura crystal or cluster on or near the person approaching this transition or by using it in a meditative prayer for that person's best and highest good.

* Aura Quartz - crystals provide a calm, relaxing effect on the emotional body and are soothing and healing to the aura. They are exceptional for releasing negativity and stress, old wounds, and long-held doubts about our self-worth. Attuned to loving energies of the Universe, they help us see and connect to the beauty that surrounds us all. These crystals are uplifting to the spirit and promote natural joy, hope and optimism. Aura Quartz crystals are extraordinary stones for healing crystal grids, activating the Light body and grounding it in the physical body. Laid along the Chakras like a rainbow, the various colours raise the vibrational rate of the Chakras to accommodate expanded consciousness. They align and purify the entire system, allowing for "Rainbow Light Body" activation and integration.

Aventurine - Green- is Quartz with tiny, often glistening inclusions, which gives it its gentle sparkle. Most commonly known in its green form (which is Quartz with Fuschite), Aventurine resonates beautifully with the Heart Chakra and, therefore, is one of the best stones for matters of the heart. It is excellent to help ease the pain of emotional heartache but is also super as an aid to restful sleep, with its calming, soothing energy. Sleeping with a piece under your pillow is also said to help bring answers to problems through our dreams. Physically it is super for all skin complaints, especially for acne sufferers. To achieve results with this crystal, prolonged exposure is best, and this can be done by wearing a bracelet where the stones can be in contact with the skin.

* Red Aventurine - is just beautiful and is a very loving, positive stone to work with. It opens the creative flow in a big way, allowing a host of alternatives and possibilities to present themselves.
Red Aventurine enhances creativity, prosperity, diffuses negativity, and balances the male-female energies.
Red Aventurine can also help to ground excess energies within the body. Simply hold a piece of Red Aventurine, place your feet flat on the floor, visualize forming a connection with the earth and allow the energies to flow down through your feet and into the ground. Physically, Red Aventurine benefits the thymus gland and nervous system. It helps to balance blood pressure and as an elixir can aid in skin problems. Red Aventurine assists in the area of fertility, reproductive organ issues, cancer and hormonal imbalances. It is also useful for absorbing electromagnetic smog and other environmental pollutants. Use Aventurine to grid your home, gardens, offices and sacred spaces.

*Aventurine, Blue - is a type of Quartz that occurs naturally blue in color. Blue Aventurine assists in self discipline and developing inner strength. This healing crystal is used in healing and balancing the emotions, helping us to communicate more clearly. Blue aventurine is a powerful mental healer that increases vitality and a positive outlook. It stimulates creativity, intellect as well as independence. It is said to enhance leadership qualities allowing the wearer to act decisively with strong intuitive power. This gemstone provides patience, eliminates stubbornness, controls excitability and gives one a deeper understanding of the cause and effect in situations, which helps one to completely understand any situation and to assist in finding the optimal solution. Blue aventurine has glittering inclusions of mica. Blue Aventurine can be used as a protection charm by carrying it on our person. Blue Aventurine is a powerful crystal for activating the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Meditating with a Blue Aventurine can help us to connect with our inner self and help us recognize our own psychic abilities. Blue Aventurine harmonizes well with all other Aventurines as well as Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Opal, Moldavite, Lapis, Sodalite, Celestite and Scolecite.

*Pink Aventurine - is a mineral that is associated with and works with our heart and higher heart chakra (aka Thymus Chakra). This extremely calming "pretty in pink" stone bestows a powerful sense of well-being. It removes feelings of confinement in various situations and helps us get a clear picture of alternatives in our life. Pink Aventurine encourages creative inspiration and practicality which helps ensure that our true options are illuminated and ultimately come to fruition. This pink stone reminds us that we are a divine being, helping bring universal love into our lives.
Pink Aventurine allows us to accept and embrace our bodies and the absolute love of our higher self and soul. It can envelop us in the joy and love in our lives! This powerful stone works well to increase our self esteem. It encourages us accept who we are, what we look like and helps us find our true love. In other words, pink Aventurine allows us to cherish the goddess within all of us.

• Azeztulite (Azestulite) A true stone of Ascension. Azeztulite is the trademark name for a very special type of Quartz. It is mined in only one particular place, in North Carolina, USA, and its energy has to be felt to be believed. It is surely one of the most powerful of all crystals. The world's most respected and renowned crystal healers and channelers have all had the same results when working with it. Whilst scientific analysis shows it to be silicon dioxide, the same psychical composition as ordinary Quartz, its light-bearing metaphysical properties make it unlike any other crystal on the planet.
Due to its very high vibration, we have to be ready to work with Azeztulite.The clearer the piece the more refined its energy, so it may be worth getting accustomed with a more milky piece to start. If, however, you feel you are ready, perhaps try using it together with a piece of Aquamarine, which can help prepare you for the transitional and powerful vibrational changes which can come when using this crystal.


Beryl is a family of many stones of rich energy such as Aquamarine (blue-green), Bixbite (red), Emerald (green), Morganite (pink), Heliodor (golden yellow), Goshenite (white). Beryl is said to bring creativity, reduce tiredness, and increase intelligence. It has been used as a talisman stone for artists of all kinds and especially sculptors. Beryl is used for research philosophical studies. It is a protection stone for trips, also. Beryl is used emotionally to help with fighting and disputes. Physically, beryl is used in crystal healing for asthma, liver disease, eye problems including cataracts, and leprosy. Beryl is associated with Chakras according to the colour of the stone.

•Black Tourmaline - see Tourmaline

*Black Jade - is an etheric bodyguard and a stone of protection. Its strong elemental energy shields not only the physical body, but guards against negative forces or entities, energy vampires and people projecting anger and aggression. It defends against morphogenic fields of negative energy, such as the fear and violence projected through the media, and is particularly helpful in times of war or world crisis. Black Jade is also an important tool for looking inward. It allows for honest self-evaluation, and helps absorb and transform unhealthy and destructive emotions.

Black Line Jasper (also known as Blackstone) is a stone with a highly protective energy. It also has very healing energy. Black Jasper is said to bring good luck to the bearer in a fight, whether it be a mental, political, legal, or other type of fight. It is also used for protection against lightning. It is said to have energies of determining value.
Black Line Jasper can be helpful for relieving pain, stomach ailments, foot problems, and hip dysplagia. Black Jasper is related to the Root Chakra.

*Black Kyanite - transmits and amplifies high-frequency energies, making it a great stone for attunements, past lives, meditation, and dream-work. Kyanite brings a calming, tranquilizing energy to the body, centers you in preparation for meditation, and assists in receiving intuitive and psychic thoughts, as well as dream recall. Kyanite balances
Yin-Yang energies. Black Kyanite has the ability to unblock stagnant energies throughout the Chakra. Black Kyanite is grounding and energizing. Black Kyanite is used by energy healers and has a lot of healing energy. Black Kyanite can also help to open the lines of communication between people, carrying a piece with you can help out in situations of conflict or misunderstanding. Black Kyanite harmonizes well with Nuummite, Black Tourmaline and Tektite. Kyanite will not hold negative energy, and never needs to be cleared. Kyanite aligns all layers of the aura. This makes Kyanite an excellent choice for any type of energy work. Black Kyanite aligns and opens all of the Chakras.

•Bloodstone - is often overlooked in favour of the more exotic crystals, yet is has quite exceptional healing properties. Bloodstone is primarily Green Quartz flecked with Red Jasper. It has many, many uses and should be considered the mainstay in any crystal healer's collection. It is a powerful healer, can dispel both negative and evil energy, it promotes courage, grounds excess energy - especially where anger is present and is the definitive stone of good health.

Blue Calcite instils calmness allowance, acceptance, stillness and silence. A great aid to those with heavy minds who have trouble tuning out of the day, or unwinding. Blue Calcite is suitable for healing preparation for the patient or the healer; it installs a sense of silence and calmness with an allowance to let things happen in their own time; certainly the right frame for mind for healing, meditation, and relaxation. In addition to these traits Blue Calcite can be used to help with tact and diplomacy. From an elemental perspective this crystal dissipates the air and water and can be used for purification and invocation.
It is an energy amplifier, assists in remembering experiences during astral travel and channelling, clears and activates the Throat Chakra.
Blue Calcite has healing uses for helping to lower blood pressure and reduces pain.

Blue Goldstone - is a man-made stone, made from dyed (blue) glass with copper inclusions, which give it its trademark sparkle. Copper is one of the best carriers of healing energy, and is often used in the production of wands and other healing tools.

• Blue Lace Agate - has a beautiful, calm, healing energy. It is a lovely healing stone, using its gentle vibration to soothe and support the mind, body and spirit. When worn it can help express the more sensitive side of your nature thus bringing the yin side into balance. Its keywords are calmness, positivity, joyfulness and harmony and it aligns with the Throat Chakra.

Blue Quartz is a calming stone which also protects from negativity. It has all the general properties of Quartz but also additional properties associated with its colour. Blue Quartz alleviates fear and enhances creativity and expression. It has the effect of balancing the Throat Chakra, it can assist in communication and allow us to reach out to others. It is an uplifting stone which can aid to lift depression and restore hope, happiness and peace. It can assist spiritual communication, particularly with angels and spirit guides. Blue Quartz is helpful for organs in the upper body. It heals the throat, aids the parathyroid glands and cleanses the blood. It also fortifies the immune system.
Physically Quartz can particularly help to stimulate the thyroid and the thymus. It can help with digestive problems and also alleviate nausea. It can also benefit the immune system. It cleanses and enhances all the organs and strengthens all systems of the body. Quartz is said to be particularly helpful for chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, bone injuries and intestinal problems. Mentally and Emotionally Quartz can provide clarity of thought and aids concentration. It can also help to retain information which makes it especially useful for aiding study. Quartz can help to boost clear thinking and can therefore aid us to recall forgotten memories. Quartz is excellent for emotional healing and is good for alleviating anger. Spiritually Quartz is an excellent stone for psychic healing. It can assist in balancing all chakras, aligning subtle bodies and is great for assisting meditation and spiritual communication. It is also a great stone for protecting the aura and enhancing psychic abilities. It absorbs all negative energy of all kinds including radiation and electromagnetic smog.

•Blue Moonstone - see Rainbow Moonstone

•Blue Tourmaline - see Tourmaline

Botswana Agate - is sometimes called the Stone of Change. It can help us handle change in a positive way. Humans are creatures of habit who generally dislike or distrust change, often resisting it. Botswana Agate is said to help us deal with changes, to smooth the passage in such a way that the transition is not as difficult or painful as it could be without it; it is a comforting stone. Relief from depression or grief is another excellent property of Botswana Agate. It helps focus on solutions instead of problems, and increases creativity.

Wear or carry Chocolate Jasper for long periods to help keep us "down to earth," and to alleviate stress and induce tranquility. Its cleansing effect eliminates negative energy and stabilizes the aura. It is particularly grounding as a worry stone, and may be used as a rescue stone for dissolving a sudden rush of fear, anger or panic. It is also effective for banishing nightmares or harmful thoughts.
Brown Jasper is a remarkable talisman for cutting down or quitting smoking. It removes harmful toxins from the system over time, and increases the resolve needed to overcome the emotional triggers that perpetuate the behavior.
Brown Jasper provides stamina and untiring perseverance in tackling huge amounts of work or ongoing projects by apportioning our energy. It also sustains during difficult life situations that sap our strength.

*Budd Stone - is about growth and forward movement. Action and intuition combined. Budd stone aligns the earthly senses. It improves hearing, and intuition on an earthly level. Good for business, deal making, positives decisions and action. It lightens the physical body and removes subtle negative energies that can cling to a person and impede their movement. Very good for clearing the feet. Budd Stone is a new crystal from South Africa. Known as African Jade. Not Jade in the true sense

Jasper - Brecciated - is a beautiful stone, full of rich brown, cream and white swirls all mixed together beautifully. It is especially good for grounding and can aid emotional stability and metal clarity. It relieves mental stress and supports clear thinking. A gorgeous stone with strong links to the Earth.


Calcite - Raw - helps clear energetic blockages, stimulates the third eye and aids releasing the past, providing clarity about the right path to take toward a new reality, helping you to see possibilities for renewal, growth and creation that were previously hidden. It assists in releasing fear based or scarcity based motivations for your actions and creations. Encouraging forgiveness and charity towards yourself and others.
It can dissolve energy blockages, stagnation or density in the energy systems. Stimulates the metabolism and can be used as an aid for weightloss - particularly if you are using food as self punishment.
Key words: insight, clarity manifestation, forgiveness
Chakras: All

Calcite - Orange - brings solar energy into your vibrational field and physical body, aligning your thoughts with your will, assisting in taking action towards your goals.
An excellent balancing stone for those with shyness or social phobias. Its energy stimulates the aura and the physical body, helping you to overcome depression, helplessness and lethargy.
It supports the endocrine system and hormonal balance, digestive system and metabolism and stimulates the second and Third Chakras.
Key words: creativity, sexuality, playfulness, confidence, innovation
Chakras: Solar Plexus

Mangano Calcite* - also known as (Pink Calcite) is a stone of peace and well-being. By enhancing the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra down into the Heart and Higher-Heart Chakras, Mangano Calcite can attract new opportunities to learn the concept Universal Love. Mangano Calcite can help healers and counselors forge a strong, energetic bond with a patient, allowing the healing vibrations to travel to the right location on the client. Mangano Calcite can be very calming when held in the hand during meditation or energy work. Mangano Calcite is also beneficial for those enduring any type of emotional trauma, including abuse, break-ups, or the death of someone close. Those who suppress their emotions will benefit from Mangano Calcite's ability to root out deep-seated causes for acknowledgment and release. Clearing the Nadis and enhancing the flow of energy between the Crown and Heart Chakras, Pink Calcite can help clear the emotional center of stagnant or negative energies, making room for new experiences of Divine Love. Pink Calcite is said to be extremely helpful for distance-healers.

Carnelian - grounding, energising and stabilising are the keywords for this gorgeous translucent stone. It is excellent for restoring vitality where chronic illness has been present, and it activates and energises the Sacral Chakra. This lovely crystal is full of life force and can help with a sluggish metabolism and can also have a positive effect on the reproductive organs. Place a piece by your front door to attract abundance to your home.

*Natural Cat's Eye - is Chrysoberyl. It exhibits a chatoyancy which is formed from fibrous inclusions or cavities within the stone. This chatoyancy allows the stone to resemble a cat's eye. Cat's Eye acts to stimulate intuition and to enhance awareness. It is a grounding stone that provides a very effective protective energy. Cat's Eye dispels unwanted energy from the aura. It amplifies good luck and fortune. Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye transforms negative thoughts into positive energy. Cat's Eye brings happiness and serenity, along with optimism, generosity and confidence. It can enhance creativity and kindness. Traditionally, Cat's Eye is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits.
Cat's Eye treats eye disorders and improves night vision. It relieves headaches, facial and sciatic pain. Cat's Eye aids the nervous system and associated pains. It can be used to heal the kidneys, pancreas, liver, lymph nodes, spleen and issues associated with leukemia.

• Celestite - has a high vibration and is a teacher for the New Age. It is imbued with divine energies. It takes us into the infinite peace of the spiritual and contacts the angelic realms. It jump starts spiritual development and urges us toward enlightenment. It brings a vision of peaceful co-existence with the whole of creation and holds the possibility of total harmony. A magical, angelic addition to any crystal collection!

• Chalcedony - comes in many colours and the blue in particular has a very peaceful energy. It is an excellent cleanser, absorbing negative energy, transmuting it so that becomes harmless (especially where anger is present). It is a very cleansing stone, said to promote healing of sores and is also very protective, making it an ideal crystal to have in our environment.

• Chiastolite (also known as the Cross Stone and Chia Stone) - is a super mineral which is now becoming more readily available. In crystal healing terms it is considered one of the transformation stones, working best to help overcome fear and aligns with both the Crown and Heart Chakras. Helps achieve our vocation in life and our identity by giving the devotion towards awareness, which can dispel negativity such as fear and guilt.
Signifies both death and re-birth, bringing one to the state of realization with respect to understanding immortality.
Assists transitions (change) by providing the means of transportation as well as the unobstructed avenue. Promotes a sense of sobriety and reality.
Can be used for problem solving and providing insight to answers to mysterious occurrences. Assists in creativity, practicality and to the maintenance of spirituality during illness.
May alleviate hyper acidity, rheumatism, exhaustion and paralysis.

Chrysocolla - is the beautiful turquoise-green stone of tranquility and stability. It emits a lovely calming energy which can absorb all kinds of negativity, replacing this energy with cleansed, calm vibrations. It can help strengthen a relationship which is experiencing difficulties; especially one where the source of instability has been extreme or prolonged states of stress. Sitting with a piece can help cleanse the chakras, realigning them with the divine and when placed over the heart area it can help alleviate emotional heartache.

Chrysoprase - pure, vibrant, apple green; its colour is reminiscent of newly sprouting spring leaves and, therefore, it has associations with all things new, especially children. It has also been used throughout the ages for the 'broken hearted' - to soothe the emotional trauma caused through grief, unrequited love and emotional endings of all kinds. It has also been said to increase fertility.

Citrine - is a joyful, dynamic stone, often referred to as the Stone of Success - whether in business, family, financial, legal or spiritual matters. However, it is an often overlooked crystal because of its ready availability, but it is an extremely useful and versatile stone, which should form the mainstay of any crystal healing collection. It is one of only a few crystals on the planet which never need cleansing; instead absorbing and transmuting any negativity it comes in contact with. It can help you maintain focus and is also known as the Merchant's Stone, attracting abundance and promoting prosperity to any business. As one of the best Solar Plexus Chakra crystals, it can be used for any imbalance indicated in this area (aggressive & dominating personalities or weak-willed with low self-esteem, etc.) It is a powerful cleansing and revitalizing stone and is also excellent where lethargy and fatigue are indicated.

Quartz Clear - is one of the most abundant crystals on the planet. It is not only found worldwide but occurs naturally in many different shapes and forms. The macroscopic (large crystal) types of Quartz have six principle properties. They can structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy on every level. This is reflected in some of the different formations found such as channeller crystals, transformation crystals, double terminated crystals, laser crystals and so on, Clear Quartz, however, is the only truly 'programmable' crystal known to man. This means that you can get a piece of Clear Quartz to 'take on' the attributes of virtually any other crystal. If you had a bed of this amazing and versatile crystal, and placed a piece of Amethyst on it for a period of time, it would start to pick up the energies of the Amethyst! This does not, however, produce a permanent change. You can also programme and dedicate pieces for chosen healing missions. For example, a healer or therapist could send a client home with a piece, programmed to continue the healing process started during the treatment session. Each week or fortnight, when they return, it can be cleansed and re-programmed. The clearer the piece, the more masculine (Yang) energy it has. This type also tends to have stronger, faster acting energy. The milkier specimens are more feminine (Yin) in energy and are better suited to long-term or chronic conditions.
It is superb for cleansing, activating and charging all Chakras, and can be used to draw out pain from the physical body. It is a crystal healing essential, often accounting for the major part of any crystal healing grid.

Crackle Quartz retains the healing qualities of quartz as well as the chakra properties that have been introduced by the enhanced colour. Crackle Quartz is pure Quartz crystal that has been super heated and then dyed to give it vibrant colours. Children especially love the bright colours of Crackle Quartz. Meditation with Crackle Quartz we recommend -
Root Chakra (Red energy - Ruby Crackle Quartz): An energising colour used as a general tonic and to enhance courage, self-confidence, positive love and will power. Use red when we are striving for balance and to harmonise all chakras.
Sacral Chakra (Orange energy -Peach Crackle Quartz): Symbolising pride and prosperity, this energy gives the courage and strength to overcome inhibitions and suppression. This Chakra governs creative and emotional energy. Balancing this energy facilitates relationships with others and enables us to access our artistic and creative self.
Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow energy - Lemon Crackle Quartz): Associated with joy and warmth, this Chakra influences our levels of self-esteem and self-recognition. It controls activity and allows clarity of thought. Balancing this Chakra facilitates wise decision making and will assist in determining which paths to follow.
Heart Chakra (Green energy - Teal Crackle Quartz and Pink energy - Dusky Rose Crackle Quartz): A healthy Heart Chakra enables one to both accept love and friendship as well as empathising with others. Trouble maintaining friendships or finding love indicates an unhealthy heart chakra. Use green stones to open the Chakra, or pink stones to be kinder and more loving toward yourself.
Throat Chakra (Blue energy - Aqua & Azure Crackle Quartz): The focus of communication and action. Imbalance in the Throat Chakra may manifest as shyness and an inability to make ourselves heard, or as boisterousness and a tendency to talk when we should listen. Balance here allows easy communication and is helpful for public speaking.
Third Eye Chakra (Indigo energy -Violet Crackle Quartz): The Chakra of intuition, thought and spirituality. Balancing this Chakra will promote inner peace and the development of psychic awareness. Meditate on this Chakra to focus the power of creative visualisation.
Crown Chakra (White energy - White Crackle Quartz): Controls wisdom and understanding. Unhappiness, a sense of indecision and poor choices are all signs of an unbalanced Crown Chakra. Meditate to develop this Chakra and we will find wisdom and deepen our connection with the Divine and with the Universe.


Dalmatian Stone - The determination within Dalmatian Stone often called Dalmatian Jasper* encourages us to carefully think over plans for any project, reflecting on every phase of development, and then to translate the ideas into actuality with enthusiasm and vigour. It is an excellent talisman for the early stages of setting up a business or solo venture. An excellent anti-smoking crystal, Dalmatian Stone strengthens the resolve to quit smoking and provides the determination needed to succeed. Dalmatian Stone encourages fidelity and emotional harmony, strengthening family bonds and long-term friendships. It encourages team effort and cooperation at work. Children benefit on all levels from this beautiful stone, particularly at night to assure safe sleep and in preventing dreams of monsters and other nightmares.
As a Jasper whose properties reflect its appearance, Dalmatian Stone is remarkably successful for calming, training and healing pets, especially dogs. It is the perfect crystal to assist in turning your love of dogs into a profession, such as breeder, trainer, or handler in any field, and for those who rescue injured or abandoned animals. It also assists in the ability to overcome an irrational fear of dogs. Dalmatian Jasper supports the body's physical balance and is a great stone for those who engage in the martial arts, Tai Chi, or Chi Gung. Its ability to balance Yin-Yang energy helps us capture the essence of this art for good health and well-being.

• Danburite - is often referred to as The Stone of the Angels because of its ability to access the angelic realms. It has a very high vibration and can act as a Karmic cleanser - what better stone to work with as we move towards ascension! Danburite is a wonderful crystal; its pure, gentle yet high vibration resonate with the Crown Chakra, whilst the rarer Pink type resonates with both the Crown and Heart Chakras.

• Dioptase - there are two main forms of Dioptase; crystalline, with beautiful deep green-blue small crystals and non-crystalline (or 'massive') - exhibiting the same stunning colour but in with no obvious crystal formation.
Dioptase is a superb Heart Chakra crystal, but it can increase the level of function of all Chakras. This wonderful crystal, with its most beautiful colour, can have a quite dramatic and positive effect on the body's energy field. It is excellent for mental cleansing and emotional healing. Dioptase holds the true vibration of 'love', and when working with a piece it can start to bring this new, correct energy forward into your life. In fact it is excellent for all matters of the heart; physical and emotional, and is a very energized, uplifting crystal.
Dioptase crystal specimens are quite rare and, therefore, can be very expensive.

*Dumortierite is a stone of order. It is used to enhance self-discipline, organizational abilities, and general orderliness. This sense of orderliness comes to all arenas, which can release fear and bring courage and peace to our life. Dumortierite brings clarity it also acts as a booster for creativity and expression, bringing raw creative energy into an organized state allowing higher expression of that creativity. In the psychic and spiritual realms, Dumortierite raises spiritual development, as well as contact with spirit guides and angels. It can also help us express our spiritual thoughts and dreams. Dumortierite is excellent for peaceful mindfulness or meditation bringing clarity to the connection with the universe. The clarity of this stone can bring a deep serenity and inner peace. Emotionally, Dumortierite greatly reduces problems with having a disorganized and scattered mind and thought process. This brings greater clarity of mind that can help see and accept reality. This ability to see and accept reality helps us react to it in an organized and intelligent manner on our behalf. Self-reliance, self-discipline, and self-control are thereby increased. It can also help reduce the stubbornness, especially which stems from lack of clarity, and stubbornness that is ultimately harmful to our best interest. Dumortierite is an excellent stone for lifting depression. Seeing reality and the inherent organization in the world clearly replaces depression with peace and happiness. Physically, Dumortierite is used in crystal healing to help with cooling the body, throat, thyroid, and parathyroid, detoxification, overstimulation, hyperactivity, spleen, skin disorders, diabetes, metabolic system, endocrine system, blood. Due to its energy of self-discipline it is often used in weight loss or attaining ideal weight.


* Emerald - called the "Stone of Successful Love," Emerald opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. Emerald promotes friendship, balance between partners, and is particularly known for providing domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty. It was dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to insure security in love. Emerald is also a stone of great vision and intuition, associated with the eyes and sight, long believed to foretell future events and reveal our truths. It is a stone of wisdom, enhancing memory and increasing mental clarity. It combines intelligence with discernment, and brings to the conscious mind what is unconsciously known. Emerald also increases focus and intent, activating psychic abilities and opening clairvoyance. Traditionally it was used as a protection against enchantment and spells.

*Epidote - is a stone of increase. Epidote has a tendency to increase anything it touches, whether the thing it touches is energy or a material object. It is a stone that enhances emotional and spiritual growth. It cleanses repressed emotions once and for all. It opens the way for those who have denied spiritual growth, and those drawn to Epidote are being rocked forcefully into spiritual awakening. Epidote also clears the emotional body aura. It stimulates perception, participation and interaction as well as personal power. It also dispels critcalness and closedmindedness. Epidote is also said to promote patience and bring hope. In the physical realm, it is used in crystal healing to stimulate the immune system, aid digestion, support all healing, and stop panic attacks.


* Feldspar - The mineral Feldspar provides you with feminine, moon and Goddess energy. It helps you in honouring yourself as a woman, honouring your sexuality and ability to create new life. This stone will help you, if you have the habit of continually selecting the wrong partner by helping you acknowledge that you are valued as yourself not as an extension of someone else. Feldspar increases your self respect, self esteem and self awareness. Feldspar eases menstruation and urges you to participate in conscious contraception.

Fluorite - cleanses and stabilises the aura. It absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. An excellent learning aid, Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally. Fluorite boosts the immune system and stimulates the regeneration and restructuring of cells and DNA, particularly in the skin and respiratory tract, and heals ulcers and wounds. Fluorite strengthens bone tissue, and alleviates rheumatism, arthritis and spinal injuries. It improves the discomfort of shingles and other nerve-related pain. In addition to the generic healing properties of Fluorite, specific colours have additional attributes: Blue Fluorite, Chakra - throat, Blue Fluorite calms the emotions and stimulates clear communication. Green Fluorite, Chakra - heart, Green Fluorite brings hormones into balance. It harmonises and recharges all chakras. Purple Fluorite, Chakra - third eye, Purple Fluorite increases mystic visions and aids spiritual balance. It helps the intuition to connect to the rational mind.

Fuschite - is a favourite with healers due to its ability to channel information regarding the best remedy or treatment for a client.
It is a superb stone for those who find it hard to reconcile the sometimes difficult lessons of an another persons personal karma. In other words, working with this stone can help us to become more detached from a painful situation, whilst also maintaining our compassion; to realize that to interfere in someone's life, or even to keep making allowances for someone's seemingly incorrect behaviour, can be to cheat that person of their own karmic lessons - it teaches us to stand back.


Garnet - is the name for a very wide and sometimes confusing group of minerals. Most, but not all garnets are red in colour. Grossular Garnets come in a wide range of colours and Uvarovite is always bright green. There are many other types of Garnet such as Pyrope, Spessartine, Almandine and Andradite. Below is a brief description of some of these different types and their corresponding colours:

Garnet Types:
Almandine is the most commonly found type of Garnet - the one we usually find in jewellery - and is a deep red to reddish brown in colour. It is the iron-aluminium Garnet.
Pyrope is a magnesium-iron based Garnet and is always red to deep red-black.
Grossular has the widest range of colours including: clear, orange, green, red, yellow, black and even grey
- Hessonite is the brown-orange variety of Grossular Garnet
- Raspberry is the magenta-pink variety of Grossular Garnet
Andradite Garnets - the calcium-iron Garnet - is sub-divided yet further into several varieties based on colour:
- Melanite which is black
- Topazolite which is yellow
- Demantoid which is bright green.
Spessartine is a manganese rich specimen found in orange, brown or pink
Uvarovite is a calcium chromium Garnet, usually very small crystals found on matrix and always an intense green.
Garnets - are linked with the Base or Root and Sacral Chakras. The keywords with this crystal are stability, good health, trust, friendship, personal power and passion. An often overlooked crystal, due to its ready availability, these lovely stones promote friendship, balance and devotion. They can assist in developing a deep and enduring spiritual bond with partners, and where friendship is lacking can attract people to you. Wearing a piece also provides a constant monitoring/balancing energy between the physical and etheric bodies, and can also assist with Kundalini rising.

*Golden Labradorite - is useful in treating the kidneys, spleen and stomach. It enhances our metabolism and can also be used to treat skin complaints. Golden Labradorite promotes inner strength, courage, vitality and a sense of purpose. It enhances our mental clarity and promotes clear thinking. It is also useful in treating depression and helps to make us feel more positive about things. It is an inspirational crystal and one that increases our level of creativity. Golden Labradorite can enhance our sense of self love and self worth and can free the mind from constant mental chatter. It is a beneficial stone to keep with you through periods of change.
Golden Labradorite is an excellent stone for meditation work allowing us to reach deeper states of meditation. In our day to day life it is a stone for spiritual focus enabling us to see the Divine pattern of things in the mundane. In dream work, Golden Labradorite helps us to reach, and bring back, important information from higher planes. It can help to connect us to the universal consciousness.

*Green Agate - enhances mental and emotional flexibility and improves decision making. It is useful in resolving disputes.
Banded Agates stimulate the Crown Chakra, bringing celestial and earth energy into the auras and harmonising them with the physical body. A powerful holistic healer, Banded Agates remove dualities and conflict, maintaining well-being. This crystal is extremely effective for multi-dimensional healing and soul work, the bands across its surface taking us travelling into another reality, different streams of consciousness or other lives.
A useful environmental healer when placed around the corners of the house or property. Banded Agate prevents out of body visitations from another soul and turns back unwelcome spirits. Traditionally, Banded Agate has been used to overcome physical, emotional and mental poisoning or toxicity and is a useful receptacle for negative energy. If placed on the Third Eye, Banded Agate quickly cuts mental cords to a previous partner, a manipulative parent and replenishing the energy that was lost.

*Green Calcite is a grounding and centering stone that brings stability. It increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds. It is an excellent stone for gardening. It is also considered a stone of manifestation because of it's ability to develop increase in all areas. Green Calcite is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. In the physical realm, Green Calcite is used in crystal healing to benefit the heart, thymus, chest, shoulders, and lower lungs, heartburn, nervous tics, stammering, neurosis, arthritis and joint pain, kidney, bladder, general pain. Green Calcite is also said to be especially beneficial for healing tumors and other malignancies. It is particularly helpful with infections of the lungs, throat and sinuses. It is also used to balance and heal the endocrine system. Green calcite is considered helpful for overcoming addictions and compulsive disorders. As with all calcites, Green Calcite is said to be good for general health and healing, especially emotional and mental issues. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Green Calcite is associated with the heart chakra.


Hematite - is Iron Oxide and takes its name from the Greek work for blood, haima. Following a mineralogical expedition to Mars in 1996, both fine- and coarse-grained Hematite was found on the planet. Fine-grained Hematite is red in colour, with coarse-grained being silvery grey. It is the fine-grained Hematite being blown around during the seasonal Martian dust storms which gives Mars its characteristic red hue, giving rise to it being called 'The Red Planet'.
Legend has it that Hematite formed in the ground from the spilt blood of wounded warriors in ancient battles; their spirits imbuing the crystal with protective properties never afforded to their bodies as mortals. And this is indeed a wonderfully protective stone, sending low-vibration and negative energies back to their source.
It is also a super grounding stone. Physically it can be used to treat all disorders of the blood and is also excellent for postoperative use, especially when the procedure involves the main organs, deep cavity penetration (stomach and chest ops) or tumor investigation or removal.

*Herkimer Diamonds - are ascension stones, and they will take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body. These crystals have powerful metaphysical properties and are strong stones to aid astral travel, as they help to connect the astral plane to the physical plane. They are beautiful and powerful high vibration crystals, that boost clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. They act as powerful amplifiers when you are using them with a small stone.

Howlite - an extremely calming stone, when carried in your pocket it can absorb any anger you may be feeling. Also helps those with an overly critical or selfish nature. Physically it is excellent for disorders of the teeth and bones.

Blue Howlite - also called Turquonite and Turquoise Howlite is a great stone to reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you. Turquoise is associated the throat chakra and communication. It is also good at encouraging emotional expression and it can help in the elimination of pain, and de-fuse stress and anger. I think of Howlite as being like your most simple, warm friend, it's uncomplicated soothing energy makes you feel calm and hugged.
It's calming influence helps to slow an over active mind and because of this can be benificial for insomnia suffers, helping to achieve a deep and restful sleep. Howlite can help to access higher wisdoms during the dream state and bring it back into consciousness when awaking. Howlite is one of the "attunement stones" which link the user to higher spiritual consciousness. It opens and prepares the mind to receive higher energies, it is perfect to use before an energy attunement.

*Hypersthene is sometimes referred to as 'velvet labradorite', however the name is misleading, it is not labradorite at all. However 'velvet' definitely applies to the quality of its energy. Hypersthene calms, sooths, and quiets in general, and is especially helpful when the mind is overactive, shielding us from outside 'noise' in a velvety, protective cocoon.
Hypersthene arranges both energy and thought in a more organised manner, so we can have a clearer idea of the way forward and realise solutions to problems. By calming, grounding and protecting, it is an excellent aid to deep meditation, profound inner reflection, and can take us on journeys into other dimensions of consciousness, travelling beyond the limitations of body and mind. As it calms without drowsiness, it can be effective in situations of stress where we needs to remain alert and express ourselves clearly, such as in making a presentation.


* Idocrase - also called Vesuvianite brings us closer to the higher realms and provides an easier link to our sense of higher self. It facilitates the seeing and the understanding of things on this earth that have no substance. Psychologically, Idocrase releases feelings of imprisonment and restraint, dissolves anger and alleviates fear and negativity. It helps to create a sense of inner security, opens the mind and stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover, linking into creativity. Idocrase banishes depression and clears negative thought patterns so that the mind can function more clearly.
Physically, Idocrase (Vesuvianite) strengthens the tooth enamel and restores the sense of smell. It also assists in assimilating nutrients from food.

*Iolite - is the gemstone variety of the mineral Cordierite. These beautiful blue violet crystals may stimulate the imagination and this may aid their use as shamanic stones.They are stones of vision, used to aid you with journeys out of the body. Their energy will aid the process of connecting with angels, and will take you to a higher level spiritually. These crystals are third eye chakra stones, and produce an electrical charge when in contact with your aura. This will strengthen the entire auric field and etheric body. They totally open up your thinking, via the imagination.

*Iron Pyrite is a strong stone to promote positive thinking and manifestation. It is a beautiful gold colour, and for hundreds of years it has been known as 'Fools Gold'. Like real gold it has a lovely luster and its golden shiny appearance is inviting to look at. It will impart a favourable energy to your business, so it is a fortunate stone to place on the desk where you are working. It has the added advantage that it also boosts your energy levels. This is a stone to encourage you overcome feelings of inadequacy and live your life to its full potential. It will boost self worth of the individual and allow you to have the energy to take action, where needed. The vibration of Fools Gold helps to strengthen your willpower and may help you to conquer bad habits, and assist you to put new ideas for improved health outcomes into practice in your daily life.


Jade* - is a symbol of serenity and purity. It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility. It increases love and nurturing. A protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. Jade attracts good luck and friendship. It stabilises the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. Soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts. Stimulates ideas. A "dream stone", Jade brings insightful dreams. It aids emotional release, especially of irritability. Jade encourages you to become who you really are.
Jade aids the body's filtration and elimination organs. It is excellent for treating kidney problems and adrenal glands. Jade removes toxins, rebinds skeletal and cellular systems, and heals stitches. It assists fertility, childbirth and balances body fluids.

Jadeite* - is a stone of harmony, bringing cohesiveness to group settings, whether family or business colleagues. It strengthens relationships and helps those recover after loss or separation. Like all Jade, Jadeite is a stone of prosperity and abundance. It will increase a slow business as well as a failing garden. Jadeite is especially helpful for teenagers and children who are shy, lonely or dealing with changing hormones. Use Jade to increase the ability to interpret dreams as well as induce lucid dreaming.

Jade - Nephrite* - is a type of Jade which is considered to be good for emotional balance and stability. Nephrite Jade is related to the heart chakra and has a beneficial effect on all heart chakra related issues, and all love relationships. Jade of all kinds is a very protective stone and is particularly good protection for children, against illness, and for psychic protection. It has energetic clearing properties, and is useful to keep with other stones. Physically, Nephrite Jade is used in the crystal healing of the physical heart, and kidney problems.

Jasper - - is essentially an impure form of Agate. It is these very impurities, however, which give us the beautiful and wide range of colours. It can be found in many locations worldwide. The properties of Jasper vary from stone to stone depending (mainly) on their colour, but all Jaspers share some common properties. It is generally known as the supreme nurturer, and it is another stone often overlooked in favour of rarer or more exotic specimens because of its ready availability. It is a gentle stone, and can help increase our ability to relax. Sitting quietly with a piece can give us a feeling of tranquillity, peace and well-being. Good for patients with diagnosed heart conditions or high blood pressure to aid relaxation.


*K2 Stone - opens our Third Eye as it helps us to connect with our higher self and higher conscious mind and ground that energy into the physical. It allows us to see the bigger picture of our life's experiences and gives us the clarity and insight to know which is the right path for us. As it increases your insight K2 assists us in finding the answers concerning life's issues. It opens our intuition and conscious awareness so that we are open to receiving guidance from higher dimensions that will enable us to make decisions that are in alignment with our highest good. The Granite helps to ground thoughts and higher energies to the Earthly plane so that they can manifest easier in our everyday reality.
The powerful earth connection of the granite, combined with the energetic flow of the azurite makes K2 good for channels and mediums as it will help them to more clearly interpret the messages and information they receive. K2 balances strength with gentle wisdom. it enhances spiritual journeying and helps us to bring back guidance from the highest source. it requires our energy to reveal its power and to take us where you truly want to go. K2 is believed to help with the treatment of headaches and migraines where these are caused by psychic blockages. The 'Stone of Indigo' for those who work with the Indigo children, this is an excellent stone for Indigo's to help balance their high telepathic sense, strengthen the photographic memory and encourage the high levels of energy to be used as needed. Azurite can help communication in all forms and is good to be used by those who have trouble with speech. This stone works well with the Throat Chakra / Third Eye Chakra and has an intense Indigo Aura. Azurite can be used to increase the thought pattern, increase the memory, encourage photographic memory and heighten the telepathic sense.

*Kambaba Jasper - is a stone of Peace and Tranquility, imbued with the nourishing green energy of Nature. Its dark mystic circles and deep green swirls comforts and protects, calms and relaxes, soothing troubled minds and restoring balance to the body and spirit. Its slow steady frequency expands one's ability to focus and is a remarkable aid in meditation, granting the release of negative thoughts and feelings, especially those that plague one's consciousness on a continual basis. Stimulating the Heart Chakra, Kambaba Jasper draws wisdom from its ancient life energies and encourages one to open the heart to loving the self and others more fully, and increases the ability to receive love in return.

• Kunzite - is an extremely peaceful and spiritual stone which awakens the heart centre promoting unconditional love. It is an excellent aid for those who find meditation difficult and is a very protective crystal. It is said to be able to dispel negativity and just having it in your auric field is enough to cleanse your aura.

Kyanite - is Aluminum Silicate, from the Silicate group of minerals. It comes in white, grey-black and the more commonly found and most popular type, blue. It is a very useful Throat Chakra stone, helping open communication on both the physical and spiritual levels. Amongst other things physically, it can help with thyroid imbalances. The black type often grows in fan-shaped 'sprays' and is an excellent grounding stone (useful after meditation) although it can be very brittle. Kyanite is unusual in that it never needs cleansing and just having it in your auric field realigns your chakras making it a must-have in any crystal collection!


Labradorite - also known as Spectrolite. On first inspection, if viewed from the wrong angle, Labradorite can appear dull, grey and lifeless. Turn it gently in your hand and it springs to life with the mineral kingdom equivalent of a firework display, exhibiting a range of fiery, intense flashes, from the typical blues and violets through more unusual greens, yellows and oranges. Labradorite is a highly metaphysical stone and bringer of light. It facilitates connection and communication with the angelic realm and deflects unwanted energies from the aura. It calms the over-active mind and is an excellent stone to wear through times of change and upheaval. It can clear, balance and protect the aura and has been called the Stone of Transformation. Its properties are as deep as its colourful flashes. A super Third Eye or Brow Chakra stone.

Lapis Lazuli - is one of the best intuitive stones, opening the third eye when used or worn, can facilitate spiritual journeying and generally stimulates your spiritual energy. Its Pyrite inclusions make it a protective stone, which shields and then returns negative and harmful energies back to their source. Lapis also increases bonds in friendship and love, making it an ideal token of your affection for a loved one.

• Larimar - Larimar stone is an active throat chakra crystal, that has a vibration that assists clear communication. This energy will quicken our contact with the Goddess. By accessing the Divine Feminine we may soothe and heal our emotions and release stress. This is a highly spiritual stone that works effectively within all of the chakras from the Heart Chakra through to the Crown Chakra. It has a distinct vibration that aids us to communicate with clarity, and because of its heart based energy it helps us to speak of your emotions. It helps to dissolve emotional barriers and to release stored negative emotions such as angry thoughts, remembered pain and other detrimental emotions that are not benefiting us.

Lemon Quartz - is said to bless the wearer with the qualities of optimism, well being and creativity, in addition to all the normal qualities of clear quartz. It is said to support deep meditation and enhance focus on personal goals. It also helps the mind find clarity and a bright outlook. Lemon Quartz encourages control over negative thoughts and aids in freeing the mind from anxieties. It is also thought to bring out all the positive aspects of the wearer. It amplifies thoughts and information which in turn encourage clarity of thought and focus. It is believed that Lemon Quartz has the ability to help balance and strengthen communication to encourage more clarity and satisfaction in conversation.

Lemurian Jade - is the metaphysical name given to a mix of Black Jade flecked with Iron Pyrite, Quartz and other minerals, and which is mined in Peru. Lemurian Jade can lend support to the heart and strengthen the immune system. It is a valuable stone to carry if we are recovering from an illness or a disease. It is especially useful for supporting us through the experience of Cancer or Aids.
Lemurian Jade has powerful healing energies. It can soothe and heal the heart centre and is extremely useful for those who have had a hard and difficult life or who have been abused in the past. It can instil both courage and strength of purpose. It can help us to recognise and attract abundance whilst at the same time, stimulates gratitude within us. Lemurian Jade helps us to appreciate what we already have and to stop moaning about what we don't have. Lemurian Jade can help us to reach the next level of spiritual evolution. It is very much a stone of the Divine Feminine and able to awaken this power in both men and women. Some say that with this stone we can journey to "The Source of All" and travel on a journey of mystery through the darkness and then into the light. Lemurian Jade aligns your higher consciousness with the rhythms of the Earth. It also facilitates a connection with planet Earth enabling us to unlock and to appreciate the ancient Earth energies stored within rocks and stones. Working with Lemurian Jade we are able to appreciate ancient cultures and are able to help people move back into living in balance with the planet. Lemurian Jade draws close to us those people who we are fated to meet on our life's path. It can bring to us the power of manifestation and inner clarity.

• Lemurian Seed Crystal - some, but not all, carry a pink to reddish glow, others are brilliantly clear and some have phantoms, rainbows and inclusions, record keepers and keys. Although a few have been polished to reveal their inner beauty.
Legend has it that Lemuria was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization, believed to exist on earth over 12 million years ago. During the last days of Lemuria, it was decided to plant seed crystals programmed to transmit a message of oneness. Having seeded the crystals, the Lemurians, it is believed, left this planet for other star systems. Others went into inner earth (while maintaining telepathic connection with those in other parts of the galaxy), where they continue to care for the earth and the seed crystals now surfacing.
Lemurian crystals are attracted to people who will actively assist in enhancing the energies that aid the planet. It has been said that Lemurian crystals are the perfect stone for opening the heart. They put one in touch with the purity of innocent emotions and enhance one's intuitive gifts. They are superb for removing energy blockages and open us to Divine Love and Compassion
They are connected to inner earth, the earth's surface, and the stars, and serve as links to these various magnetic fields. .
These special working tools have many uses: to create a circle of light protection, hold a Lemurian Seed Crystal in your right hand while you encircle something (person, object, house, etc.). Sleep with the crystal to dissolve energy blocks, put it under your pillow to enhance your dreaming, meditate with the crystal, rotate it over the chakras - let you intuition be your guide, and enjoy your journey of discovery.

Leopard Skin Jasper - this stone can help us discover and make contact with our animal totem. Sit and meditate with a piece and see which animal presents itself to you. With practice you may even find out their name and will be able to call upon them to aid healing and when in times of need or reassurance. This process can be doubly helped with this stone because it also assists with creative visualization. As with the whole Jasper family, it is a protective stone, particularly good to wear or hold whilst meditating or carrying out soul retrieval. Physically it helps eliminate toxins and promotes self-healing.

• Lepidolite - is considered to be a great stress reliever and can aid recovery whilst in convalescence. It is superb for stilling the over-active mind and has a powerful energy; repelling negativity from all about its energy field with great protective force. It is also an excellent crystal for men to wear; helping bring balance to their feminine side, creating wholeness.

.• Lodolite - known as Lodalite, Lodolite Quartz, Lodelite, Scenic Quartz, Garden Quartz or Landscape Quartz is a type of included quartz crystal with inclusions of many possible colours and types, often having the look of gardens, landscapes, or underwater scenes. Lodolite is an excellent healing stone bringing strong healing energies and energetic shifting so that healing will occur. Lodolite is helpful when used in meditation practices and is a great assistant that helps us with getting into the meditative state. Lodolite brings energies to effect manifestation of our desires. Lodolite is also said to enhance communication with beings on the spiritual plane and heighten our spiritual energies. It is used mystically to increase ESP and bring knowledge from your past lives. Lodolite is said to bring loving energies and energies of gentle strength. It heightens our awareness of our emotions, letting us know what feels good and we keep doing it or it feels bad and we are able stop and change what our thinking to a better feeling through. Lodolite is a great dreaming crystal. It is also helpful for enhancing our sensitivity to energy, like when using Reiki energy. One of the most common metaphysical uses of Lodolite is to bring energies to effect manifestation of our desires. Lodolite often has many other mineral included in it such as hematite and chlorite as well so these properties should be looked at as well. Lodolite Quartz is a associated with the Crown Chakra.


• Mahogany Obsidian - see Obsidian

Malachite - with its trademark bands and swirls, takes it name from the Greek work malache meaning 'mallow' which refers to its leaf green colour. It is thought to be the oldest known green pigment, having been used as a paint or dye for many centuries. Its chemical formulation is Copper Carbonate Hydroxide, and it is its high copper content which gives it its gorgeous, vibrant green colour. It is also this high copper content which gives it its outstanding healing properties - copper being one of the best channellers of healing energies. It is known as a stone of transformation and whilst it can all Chakras, it is perhaps best suited to the Heart Chakra. Working with this stone can help counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies (i.e. always attracting the 'wrong sort') and can help encourage true, pure, unconditional love. It is a stone of good fortune, prosperity and abundance and is also very protective. It can provide general protection from negative and destructive dark energies and has been known as a protector of children. It is also said to safeguard people when flying, and as such may be good for those who work in aviation.

Merlinite - is known as the Heaven and Earth Stone, connecting these two spheres and, therefore, is also known for its ability to balance energy. Wearing or holding a piece during meditation is said to assist access to the Akashic Records; to be able to see and recognize our Karmic history, and consequently to be able to understand our here and now. It has magical, shamanic connections and pieces which exhibit a good translucent section can be used as a seer's stone.

• Moldavite - about 20 million years ago a meteorite shower hit Earth, landing along the banks of the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia. These meteorites hit with such enormous force that the rock they struck melted, merging with the meteorite, and the crystal we now know as Moldavite was the result. Being found in only one location on the planet, it is a rare crystal with a beautiful translucent, bottle-green hue, and due to its origins, is a stone with extraterrestrial properties. When placed on the Third Eye, Moldavite helps us to establish a connection with the Cosmos, and when placed on the Heart it teaches us to appreciate our gift and true purpose of being here on Earth. It is an extremely powerful crystal, and it can take time to become attuned to its dynamic energies.

Mookaite Jasper - crystals come in a range of beautiful earthy colours and embody a beneficial energy to slow aging. They will help us to change how we think about the whole aging process, and this change of focus is beneficial to slow aging in the body. These stones are also helpful to assist healing, and may be utilized by placing one under the pillow, for long term improvement in our health. This may be beneficial to help you to age more slowly, and they are also helpful for pregnant parents to use. These stones are also known as Mook Jasper. They encourage adventure yet at the same time aids physical protection when carried. Jewellery made from this stone is beneficial to have on us when going to unfamiliar places, as it will alert us to imminent danger. These stones have been in use by the Australian Aboriginal people as a healing stone since before explorers arrived in Australia. The metaphysical properties of these beautiful crystals may assist you when making decisions, and their vibration may help us to decide which path to take in life.

*Moonstone - is said in crystal healing to help calm responses and stress, and avoid overreaction. It brings hope, enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is also said to bring strong energies of abundance to one's life. Moonstone is a stone of protection, especially during childbirth, pregnancy, and travel at sea. It is a stone of calm and relief from emotional stress. It is also associated with love of all kinds. Physically moonstone is used in crystal healing to aid the pituitary gland and digestive system, obesity, water retention, hormonal problems, menstrual problems. Moonstone is also used as a stand in for pearl, when pearl is not available. Moonstone is associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, and sometimes with the Heart Chakra.

*Rainbow Moonstone - has a gentle, calming energy. It helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception, and enhances creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. It is a stone that brings balance, harmony, and hope. The Rainbow effect brings in a spectrum of light, and can help with clearing and bringing in uplifting energies. It has been said to have the power to grant wishes. Rainbow Moonstone is primarily related to the Crown Chakra.

*Peach Moonstone - brings soothing relief to emotional issues, such as depression or anger. It can also help to eliminate any worry or fear we may be carrying around, as unnecessary, as all fear and worry is. Physically, Moonstone supports the digestive and reproductive systems. Moonstone is a very soothing stone that helps to relieve stress. Many women like Moonstone for its ability to balance hormonal and menstrual cycles. Peach Moonstone can be especially helpful for Indigos.

• Moss Agate - one of the most beautiful Earth healers, Moss Agate has areas of white Quartz (less often found also with Clear Quartz patches) together with swirls of beautiful deep green matter and sometimes little bits which look like tiny pieces of moss. It is not moss but inorganic dendritic matter. It has also been called the Gardener's Stone or Farmer's Stone because of its links with prosperous harvests - used when planting or to surround new plants. Moss Agate can also help us gain peace with extreme or excessive duties in life and helps bring self-confidence and to build self-esteem. A great emotional balancer. Moss Agate is also a protective stone, as are all Agates.


* New "Jade" - is not a type of jade at all. Rather, it is a type of light green Serpentine. Serpentine, is a beneficial and versatile stone. It is said by mystics to help with emotional cleansing, psychic powers, and attract love and money. It is also used in the rise of the kundalini, facilitating the rise by opening a path that lessens discomfort. In addition, Serpentine is considered a metaphysically protective stone that is especially protective against snakebite, poison, and venom. Serpentine is an excellent stone for meditation. Physically, traditional and mystical lore says that serpentine eliminates parasite infections and removes venom and other poisons. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Serpentine is associated primarily with the Heart Chakra.


• Obsidian - is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. It usually occurs in dark colours; brown, green and more commonly black, and these colours occur depending on the impurities they contain like iron or magnesium. Rainbow and Sheen Obsidian are particularly beautiful varieties. The colour in these two comes from tiny gas bubbles which were trapped inside the moving lava flow along layers before it cooled. Another lovely variety is Snowflake Obsidian, which is essentially black Obsidian but with small inclusions of the mineral cristobalite, which radiate out forming the appearance of tiny white snowflakes in the stone. Apache Tears are roundish nuggets of black Obsidian on a white or grey Perlite matrix. All of the Obsidians (with the exception of man-made Blue Obsidian) make excellent Root or Base Chakra stones.
From a metaphysical point of view, all natural Obsidians have a very strong energy and all are grounding and protective. They help raise the 'warrior instinct' in us when despondency is present; due perhaps to a prolonged 'battle' of our own like a lengthy legal matter for instance.

Black Obsidian - is a powerful, creative stone that grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane. It promotes self-control and forces facing up to our true self, taking us deep into the subconscious mind. This stone brings imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface for release. It magnifies all negative energies to be fully experienced and then released, this healing effect goes back unto past lives and can work the ancestral and family line. It reverses previous misuse of power, teaching that to be empowered is not to wield personal power but rather to channel the power for the good of all. This stone is very protective, repels negativity, disperses unloving thoughts and facilitates release of old loves providing support during the change. Black Obsidian has the gift of prophesy and have been used in shamanic ceremonies to remove physical disorders. The Black Obsidian Balls are powerful meditation and scrying aids but should be used by those who can consciously process what they see and use it for the highest good. The Clear Quartz helps ground and articulate what is revealed. When used in healing, a Black Obsidian placed in the navel grounds spiritual energy into the body, held briefly above the Third Eye breaks trough mental barriers and dissolves mental conditioning.

Snowflake Obsidian - is sometimes referred to as the Stone of Heaven and Earth; bringing both energies into harmony and balance. It can be used to help gently resolve issues by providing clarity; helping us to see a complex and trying situation from a different, more beneficial perspective. It can provide support and balance through these sometimes difficult times of change.

Rainbow Obsidian - is a natural volcanic glass with a variety of colours showing within it. is called a "stone of pleasure" because one of its most notable attributes metaphysically is bringing pleasure, enjoyment and joy to our life. It also brings love and light to us and can bring out the Spiritual. Rainbow Obsidian is used psychically to enhance clairvoyance and is an excellent scrying stone, especially in the areas of love, relationships and self-development. It is also a very protective stone, and is especially effective in protection rituals and amulets, where it works by grounding out negativity to let light in. Thus, it is also a very grounding and centering stone. Rainbow Obsidian is primarily associated with the Root Chakra.

Silver-Sheen Obsibian - enhances meditation and is the perfect crystal for crystal gazing. This stone provides a mirror of inner being, brings advantages throughout life and imparts patience and perseverance. It is a helpful stone when journeying out of the body, as it connects with the astral body with the physical body thus brings the soul back into physical incarnation.

Mahogany Obsidian - with its beautiful mixture of rich earthy browns in a deep black base is a gorgeous, sensual stone. Again, it has the trademark protective and grounding properties of all Obsidians. It balances the physical energy body.

Blue Obsidian - is connected to the throat chakra and supports communication, astral travel and helps to open the aura. Blue Obsidian is helpful for those that are looking to enhance their telepathic abilities, tarot reading, dowsing or other forms of divination. By clearing the path of communication blue obsidian helps us to have a stronger connection to their abilities to read a situation. Blue Obsidian can also be used in the treatment of speech therapy or mental clarity during disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and multiple personalities confusion.

• Onyx - is part of the Agate family, and although most commonly found in black or white colours, it can also be grey, blue, brown, yellow and red. Onyx is known as the Stone of Strength - mentally and emotionally; giving support to us during difficult or trying times. It is said to have the ability to hold on to the energies and memories of the wearer, making it excellent for psychometry work, but it can also be used to access past life memories; enabling us to recognize hurts from a previous incarnation, therefore allowing us to see the negative patterns which we may have brought through into this life which need to be released and so healed. It also balances the masculine and feminine parts of our nature, and can bring strength where fear is present.
Onyx - Black Banded gives strength. It promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina. Imparts self-confidence, helping us to be at ease in our surroundings.  Onyx banishes grief, enhances self-control and stimulates the power of wise decision-making.  It encourages happiness and good fortune.
Onyx treats disorders of the bones, bone marrow and blood. It is beneficial for teeth and the feet.

• Opal - is Hydrated Silicon Dioxide. It is a member of the Mineraloid class because it does not have a true 'Crystalline' structure. There are two main types of Opal; Precious and Common, and Precious Opal is further divided into three groups: Black White and Fire, and they can contain a kaleidoscope of colour. Each has slightly differing metaphysical properties, but generally speaking Opals are known as the Stone of Emotional Harmony. It is in essence, a very feminine stone, aligning with the Moon's gentle vibrations, but an Opal possessing a deep flash of colour is said to also carry the masculine energy of the Sun - Yin and Yang in perfect harmony. Its main alliance is, however, with the Moon. Its gentle energy can bring deep, long buried emotions up to the surface to be recognised, accepted and released. This process can often begin through our dreams, so if you find yourself being attracted to this most beautiful of stones, pay particular attention to your dreams. Wearing it can also help us understand the higher purpose of change and to attract positive energies to further this process.

*Opal Andine - is centring and grounding. as called Pink Andean Opal it promotes unconditional love, encourages compassion for all that lives, aids healers who manifest or feel others pain in their body of emotions. This stone heals trauma held in the emotional or physical body, aids emotional body healing and heart healing, heals grief and loss. It promotes inner peace. A Stone of spiritual journeying corresponding to the Heart Chakra.

*Opal Aura Quartz - Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum; creates a pearly sheen with pale rainbow iridescence. Opal Aura has a very intense, strong energy that cleanses the aura, and stimulates, balances and clears all Chakras, integrating the light body into the physical dimension. It allows access to our personal etheric realm where information concerning balance for this life cycle is presented. It is a crystal of joy, and like a rainbow, signifies hope and optimism. It facilitates a deep state of meditative awareness, grounding the information received into the physical body, and inspires a total union with the divine and cosmic consciousness. Opal Aura is also a stone of romance and love, and can bring both into our life. It is highly beneficial in healing hurt and trauma, for multi-dimensional healing, and is an efficient receptor for programming. It may be used for cleansing and enhancing the organs, boosting the immune system, and for bringing the body into balance. It is also thought to soothe burns.

* Opalite - is also known as Tiffany Stone or Opalised Fluorite. It is a manmade stone but has many healing properties. It has a subtle but dynamic energy and is ideal for all types of healing and also meditation. Physically Opalite is believed to aid and overcome exhaustion, purify the blood and kidneys. It is also said to boost the libido and enhance sexual encounters. Mentally and Emotionally Opalite is said to improve communication and interaction on every level. Opalite can help acceptance of change and give assistance during transitions. It supports communication and gives its owner the strength for self expression and to uncover hidden emotions. Opalite can also bring success in business ventures. Spiritually Opalite is associated with the 3rd Eye Chakra and can improve communication with the spirit world. It is able to eradicate energy blockages of the Chakras and meridians and is said to boost psychic abilities and stimulate psychic visions. It can also help in the interpretation and communication of any information received psychically.


*Petrified Wood - is a stone that is good for grounding and stabilizing our emotions. It is particularly useful in calming survival-based fears. It helps us be practical. It is a stone of business success. Petrified wood is a good stone for general protection. Petrified wood is also used for past life regressions because of its inherent link with the past.

• Peridot - is most often found in jewellery, with records of it being mined for this use going back some four thousand years. It is a very versatile crystal but is perhaps best known metaphysically as an emotional healer, especially where deep hurt is carried in the heart. Wearing or working with a piece helps us to understand the lessons of painful relationships from a spiritual progression perspective. It can enable us to see clearly the reasons we found ourselves in a given situation, helping us to release the pain associated with this experience from our auric body. It can also help those who find themselves continually falling into 'victim mode' or for those who suffer from that most destructive of energies, jealousy.

'Healer heal thyself', is also a saying appropriate to this lovely and versatile stone. It can help release any negative residual energies picked up during a healing session and when on the healing path, wearing a piece during times of change or transition can also assist with clarifying our purpose as a healer, in terms of direction and vocation.
For abundance, Peridot also makes a good companion stone to Citrine. In this combination Peridot draws money to us, whilst Citrine helps us keep it.

• Picasso Jasper - also called Picasso Stone is a very calming and grounding stone. It is also a very creative stone, clearing the mind of unnecessary clutter leaving space for inspiration, helping us to 'think outside of the box'; to think differently. It also promotes self-discipline.

• Picture Jasper - is a harmonious stone, excellent for the highly strung, creative personality. Working with it (wearing or holding a piece) can help show us our hidden fears; fears which may have put psychological restrictions on our progress in life. An excellent stone for healing emotional wounds thereby restoring accord.

• Petalite - is a rare and magical stone which shimmers beautifully in the light. It has an exceptionally high vibration and exudes the pure Pink Ray (3rd Ray) of divine love, peace and forgiveness. Petalite is an extremely high vibration stone, yet has a smooth balanced energy. Using it allows us to make a deep connection to the spiritual realm It is a powerfully protective stone, as it will not allow negative energy to remain in is vicinity. In the past been it has been used as a talisman, and was believed to destroy all black magic or other unwelcome forces. It has powerful qualities that aid the development of clairaudience and may help us to hear the voice of angels and spirit guides, and also has a number of excellent healing attributes including helping to relieve stress.
Pink Petalite can assist us when working at a high spiritual level, communing with all Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. As a result it is commonly referred to as The Stone of the Angels. A Major Ascension Stone!

* Pietersite - is also known as the Tempest Stone because the swirling colours in the mineral can look like a storm. It is said to "hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven". Pietersite links everyday life to the spiritual reminding us that we are a spiritual being on a human journey. Centering on the spiritual being, Pietersite has the ability to ground us not to the earth but to etheric body. Pietersite is a stone of vision and can be used for a vision quest or shaman journey. It works with the body during meditations, quickly accessing a high state of awareness. Pietersite stimulates the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland, accessing the intuition and promoting profound visions and precognition. It links into loving guidance. Pietersite dispels illusions of separateness and to remove beliefs and conditioning imposed by other people. It links us to the source of our own inner guidance and helps us to recognise the truth or falsehood of other people's words. Pietersite dissolves stubborn blockages and clears confusion. It removes mental and verbal conditioning, beliefs that have been imposed on us by people in authority such as teachers, parents and rule makers. Pietersite is a supportive and strengthening stone, helping us speak out and assist in processing conflict and suppressed feelings. Pietersite stimulates the Pituitary Gland, balancing the endocrine system and the production of hormones that govern metabolism, blood pressure, growth, sex and temperature. It helps the lungs, liver, intestines, feet, legs and promotes absorption of nutrients from food. This stone clears disease caused by exhaustion in those who have not time to rest.

Prehnite - also called Phrenite is a very protective stone and can protect one on all levels. It strengthens the life force and generally increases and stimulates energy, while at the same time bringing powerful calming energies. Thus, Prehnite is said to ease worries and restlessness of all kinds. Prehnite is used to aid spirit communication through meditation or visualization, out-of-body travel, and powerful dream work. Prehnite is also known as a stone of prophesy which stimulates inner-knowing. Physically, Prehnite is used in crystal healing for gout, anemia, and kidney problems. Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Purpurite - is a purple stone that encourages you to feel free to speak out, and to have confidence in your abilities to verbalize your thoughts clearly, and with total lack of obstruction. If you have been aware of any self-destructive situations, that may be limiting your personal growth, this stone helps to clear these problems. This stone has strong metaphysical properties, and is an excellent stone to help with stress. It embodies within it the violet flame energy, which is highly spiritual in nature. This energy also has powerful healing abilities, and offers strong psychic protection.


• Quantum Quatro - is a popular stone with healers and light workers. The lovely mixture of energies makes for a super grounding and clearing crystal, with a focus mainly on the Heart Chakra.

It's an immune system builder, working to re-balance cells at DNA level by opening the healing channels in the body. It's effective at healing past grief or trauma that's locked within the emotional energy field, manifesting as physical pain or 'dis-ease'.

It's also a powerful balancing crystal; balancing the mind, body and spirit, dissolving emotional disturbance, fear and sadness into acceptance and calmness. As well as working with the Heart Chakra, it also resonates with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras and is a crystal of truth, communication and intuition, with a deeply peaceful, loving and protective energy; guarding against negative entities and energies. Quantum Quatro also gives inner strength in times of prolonged stress and assists in spiritual transformation.


*Rainbow Aura Quartz - Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Titanium; produces vivid multi-colored metallic crystals. Rainbow Aura activates all the energy centers in the body, clearing a path for the Life Force to manifest throughout the subtle bodies, bringing in a vibrant energy and zest for life. It is particularly supportive for those in dysfunctional relationships, by letting one see what lies ahead and helping to release negative emotions such as resentment or grief. It brings deep insights into one's relationships at all levels, and aids letting go of karmic ties that may be hindering relationships in the current life. This transformed relationship then becomes vital and harmonious. Rainbow Aura is a master healer for any condition, and is highly beneficial in multidimensional cellular memory healing. It is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance.

• Rainbow Moonstone - is so-called because in daylight it shimmers with an ethereal glow reminiscent of moonlight, has a very gentle, feminine energy. It is also known as the Wish Stone. It has been used to strengthen intuition and to heighten the psychic experience. Its rainbow energy, resonating with the whole spectrum, is a great cleanser on all energetic levels. It is one of the best protective crystals, instantly dispersing negative energies on contact. It can have blue, green and rarely, pink flashes.

•Red Jasper - (see also Jasper) Red Jasper is one of the best known Root Chakra crystals and its keyword is balance. Excellent where extreme imbalances of the Root Chakra are indicated: excessive fear, undisciplined or underweight (under active chakra) and greedy, materialistic, sluggish nature or obesity (over active chakra). It is this ability to balance that has also led Red Jasper to be known as the Stone of Justice - bringing equilibrium to unfair or unjust situations. If you are ever involved in legal proceedings, or find yourself in an unfair situation personally or professionally, using or wearing a piece may help secure a fair outcome. Always remember, however, that 'fair' means being honest with yourself and not wishing for an outcome motivated by greed, fear or revenge.

*Red Tiger Eye - (Tiger's Eye, Tigereye) is a stimulating stone and can support motivation and a more active sex drive. Use Red Tiger Eye with the Root Chakra to ground sexual ideas into the physical world, or to resolve sexual issues that are causing problems in a relationship. Its focus on the lower chakras is what gives red Tiger Eye the power to send higher energies through the organs of the lower half of the body. Red Tiger Eye aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation to the non-motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic.
While all forms of Tiger Eye help to raise vibrations, they also connect these energies to the lower Chakras in balance, which keeps one from feeling disconnected when working with higher goals. Carry Red Tiger Eye in your pocket when you want to add vitality and passion to any project you're working on. Red Tiger Eye can enhance balance within one's energy field, and allows one to open up to unconditional love.

*Rhodonite - crystals are known for their capacity to bring emotional healing and to release blocked energy from within the heart chakra. They have a strong heart based energy, that has a useful healing vibration to help with relationship problems. By its action to stimulate acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others, it helps to bring peace to troubled relationships. These stones are an excellent balancer of the emotions, and during traumatic times, this stone can be used to calm you.
Having a piece on your body, may help to stop you from taking action when you are feeling angry, fearful and panicky when traumatic events are unfolding in your life.
The energy of this stone also helps you to discover innate talents that you may not have been aware of, and work out the best way to utilize them. Use them in meditation to help you to discover where your destiny lies.

*Rhodolite - It is known as a Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind. It helps one receive abundance on an emotional level, stimulating one's sense of self-worth and alleviating feelings of inadequacy. It assists in owning one's gifts and abilities, and sharing them with others. Rhodolite Garnet is a crystal of inspiration and emotional healing. It encourages love, kindness and compassion, and promotes self-worth and spiritual growth. It is especially helpful in recovery of sexual abuse, guilt or shame. It aids in the treatment of heart and lung disorders, and enhances metabolism and healthy sexuality. Rhodolite supports the Base, Heart and Crown Chakras, is attuned to many Guardian Angels, and honours four Goddesses. It falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and is the natural birthstone of those born from mid-autumn to just after the winter solstice. It has an elemental Fire Energy, and is an Enhancer Strengthener talisman.

•Rose Quartz - also called Love Stone, Pink Quartz, Bohemian Ruby. Rose Quartz is often called the "Love Stone." It's energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love that opens the Heart Chakra. This makes Rose Quartz a stone for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. As a variety of quartz, Rose Quartz has high energy, and this strong energy can enhance love in virtually any situation.
This stone of unconditional love that opens the Heart Chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. The high energy of Quartz gives Rose Quartz the property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. Bringing love in to life and daily situations not only brings inner warmth, but it also lowers stress and soothes those around it. Rose Quartz is a very happy and loving stone.
In the psychic and spiritual realms, Rose Quartz is often used to attract love, for love spells and charms. It is also used to ease the process of transition in dying to make the transition gentle and surrounded by the unconditional love of the Divine. Rose Quartz can also be helpful for dream recall and dream work.
Rose Quartz is used to raise self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. Its loving energies teach us to apply this love to ourselves and thereby find ourselves more worthy.

• Ruby - is a stone of the earthly realms. It is said to be a protector of hearth, home and personal possessions. It is also the stone of integrity, passion and contentment and has been given and received throughout the ages as a symbol of devotion and passion. In the secret language of stones, if given in a jewellery setting together with Diamond and Pearl, it is said to mean, 'I Love You Passionately'! Rough Ruby specimens are one of the best and most cost effective ways to work with this stones energy for healing purposes, and these often have the added benefit of having Record Keepers on them. Ruby resonates with the Root or Base Chakra.

.•Ruby in Fuschite - this combination merges the best qualities of Ruby and Fuschite together in one lovely stone. Brilliant splashes of the scarlet Ruby float in a gentle sea of pale green Fuschite (often accented by little bits of blue Kynaite). Fuschite, when used with other crystals, is said to help speed up the healing process and Ruby amplifies emotions, making this combination a superb healer of emotional wounds. Ruby is also known for its passion for life and people, thus helping restore a little vigour where there is despondency.

*Rutilated Quartz - is an illuminator for the soul, promoting spiritual growth. It cleanses and energises the aura. Draws off negative energy and disease, letting go of the past. Rutilated Quartz gives protection against the ill thoughts of others. It helps to reach the root of problems and facilitates transitions and a change of direction. Soothes dark moods and acts as an antidepressant. Rutilated Quartz relieves fears, phobias and anxiety. Promotes forgiveness at all levels. Rutilated Quartz absorbs mercury poisoning from nerves, muscles, blood and the intestinal tract. It is helpful for chronic conditions and for impotence and infertility. Aids exhaustion and lack of energy. Rutilated Quartz treats respiratory tract and bronchitis, stimulates and balances the thyroid. It stimulates cell regeneration and repairs torn tissue.


*Sapphire - is a stone of intuition and meditation. Using a sapphire during meditation can enhance ones innate intuition and bring to light all manner of creative expression that can be locked within the self. In this, sapphire is excellent not only for Light workers but also for artists and other creatives. Sapphire is used to bring joy, peace, and beauty through meditation into this plane. It can bring fulfilment of dreams and prosperity. Many times sapphire is used for protection in psychic and ritual work, as well as in the every day realm. It has strong energy for general protection, as well as protection from evil.
Sapphire is beneficial for mental clarity. It lessens confusion and shows the way to hope. It can bring this hope into life where there was hopelessness. This relieves depression and can ease anxieties, as often we tend to make more of the negative of a situation and forget the positive. Seeing a situation clearly brings relief from these negative, muddy thought patterns. Sapphire also can improve communication by bringing this clarity. Physically it is used in crystal healing for lowering fevers, burns and inflammation. It is also used for hearing problems, cancer, insomnia, clinical depression, bleeding, blood vessels, hair loss, vision problems, viruses, back ache, nails, and skin problems.

• Seraphinite - gets its deep green colour from Chlorite - considered to be one of the Master Healing stones - and has feathery, silvery iridescent markings. This is a most effective stone for cellular regeneration and when used in a treatment session can cause a flush of pure healing energy to be released. It acts as a trigger, causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to start to dissolve away allowing for new patterns to be created, and, therefore, letting a client hold a piece while they talk to you can prove beneficial. It is the premier healing stone of this age. It is the tool most suited to bringing the physical body into line with the Light body. While the beautiful green shade is perfect for the Heart Chakra, it can be used on any chakra to enhance and harmonize energy.

*Serpentine - also called New Jade is a beneficial and versatile stone. It is said by mystics to help with emotional cleansing, psychic powers, and attract love and money. It is also used in the rise of the kundalini, facilitating the rise by opening a path that lessens discomfort. In addition, serpentine is considered a metaphysically protective stone that is especially protective against snakebite, poison, and venom. Serpentine is an excellent stone for meditation. Physically, traditional and mystical lore says that serpentine eliminates parasite infections, diabetes, removes venom and other poisons. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Serpentine is associated primarily with the Heart Chakra.

• Shiva Lingams - symbolise the embodiment of Yin/Yang energy in perfect balance and harmony. A form of cryptocrystalline quartz, Shiva Lingams are found only in the waters of the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, India, which is considered one of the holiest rivers in India. These rare and mystical stones are naturally river-tumbled - which give them their shape - but are given a final polish by hand to bring out their full beauty. The Sanskrit name for these sacred stones is 'Narmadeshwara', which means 'Lord of the Narmada'. Considered the ultimate fertility stone, they are worshipped by Hindus worldwide as the embodiment of Lord Shiva. 'Lingam' is the Sanskrit word for phallus and their shape embodies the masculine principle: dynamic expression and knowledge, whilst the markings (which are unique to each stone), called 'Yoni', represent the feminine: wisdom and intuition. Therefore, the female energy arouses the masculine urge to create.
These Stones can be used to direct the flow of energy throughout your home, or when placed in the Relationship/Marriage* area of your home are said to help increase fertility and to bring you closer to your partner. If single, it is believed that when placed in the Relationship/Marriage corner, they can be used to attract a partner who will be the perfect compliment to and balance for your own particular energies. *The Relationship/Marriage area is the top right-hand corner of your home as you enter it, or South/West corner. The number for this area in Feng Shui is '2', so pairs of things are usually placed here, like two candlesticks or two statues for example.

• Smokey (Smoky) Quartz - grounding, anchoring, protective. This powerful and extremely useful stone soaks up negativity and electromagnetic pollution like a sponge, so it needs regular cleansing. In fact it does its job so well that no home should be without a good piece of Smokey Quartz. A firm favourite but still hard to find good quality specimens set in jewellery. Smokey Quartz is Quartz exposed to radiation from the rocks which surround it - it is often found in granite rocks which emit a small but persistent amount of radiation.

Snake Dragon Jade - is stunning with the dark green mottled with cream, it is said to be beneficial for the Heart Chakra, because of the energy in its colour. Helps to rid oneself of negativity, both thoughts and energy. Helpful to the heart, in spiritual and the physical sense. Jade is said to work with the heart & lungs, immune system, blood purifying, kidneys & nervous system.

Snow Quartz - can be used to stop emotions from overflowing. To control emotional outbursts. It's ideal for people who are highly strung, and often left there emotions tun away from them. Snow quartz can freeze emotions, and allow them to consolidate. The crystal will absorb emotional states and help control the flow. it is best to meditate on the crystal once a week and find out just what the crystal has been absorbing and controlling. The crystal will NOT solve the problem it will only aid the effect of the problem and show us the nature of the problem. Stepping past emotional states is something the mind has to do, by recognising the emotions and where they come from. Crystals can help us to deal with the emotions and allow a greater degree of control and awareness.

• Sodalite - so called because it is a Sodium rich stone, Sodalite is often mistaken for Lazurite or Lapis Lazuli, but it is a royal blue rather than ultramarine in colour. Sodalite also rarely contains pyrite, a common inclusion in Lapis. It is further distinguished from similar minerals by its white streaks or patches. A very useful stone for the mind, Sodalite can assist in creating order out of mental confusion. If worn whilst meditating it can help us understand why we are in any given situation and to discover the lessons needed to learn to progress. It is protective and works extremely well with the Third Eye and is said to be especially useful for the over-sensitive personality where phobias, fear or guilt are present.

Spessartine Garnet - is said to provide its wearer with analytical and creative abilities, strength of heart and the eagerness to assist others. Physically, spessartite garnet is thought to benefit the reproductive system, the kidneys, bladder and the appetite. The healing powers of Spessartite Garnet are said to be good for clear communication, self-confidence and for willingness to make changes and experience new things.

*Stilbite - unlocks the messages inherent within dreams. Stilbite provides for direction, purpose and clarity. It is a crystal of inner peace, love and balance. Stilbite allows us to be free from too many external influences including fear, and assists us in making decisions and choices that are correct for the evolvement of this person's spiritual path. Stilbite will also help to allow us to make good decisions by showing us that there is no such thing as wrong decisions. It does this by allowing us to see that all decisions are part of the path of learning. Stilbite is a wonderful stone that connects the Heart Chakra with the upper Chakras. Stilbite allows the Heart Chakra to connect with the upper three Chakras when usually the Heart Chakra stands alone in the middle. Because of this effect Stilbite has on the upper Chakras, it allows us to bring heart into everything we work on within the realms of these three higher Chakras. Stilbite has a delicate quality, gently expanding a sense of self and beyond into the astral realm. This is a powerful stone that brings a calming influence and has been used to assist in restful sleep and vivid dreaming. It brings inner peace during meditation.

*Stichtite - is a stone that brings emotional awareness and expansion. It is a very calming stone that brings tranquility and peace to individuals and to our environment. It helps us to be gentle with self and others, and promotes keeping promises, openly sharing opinions, and considering all thoughts with love. It engenders loving companionship of all kinds. For family life, Stichtite can help children behave positively. Physically, Stichtite is used in crystal healing for teeth, gums, skin elasticity, skin regeneration, mucous membrane problems. Stichtite is associated with the Heart Chakra, which it helps the passage of kundalini through.

*Sulphur - is said in the crystal healing world to be a stone of vitality and energy The vitality properties of sulphur are said to bring protection and purification. Sulphur is used in metaphysics to purify and detoxify environments, thoughts, and even the energy fields of people. It can be helpful for purification before magic rituals as well. Sulphur is used also to prevent or destroy hexes and free us from an enemy's power. Sulphur's energies of protection and purification can help remove negative thoughts and feelings. Mystically, this is said to help decrease illness by taking away the mental/emotional component. Crystal healing and mystical lore repute that elemental sulphur is helpful for skin problems such as eczema, acne and psoriasis, digestion, arthritis, recuperation, muscles, back-aches, feet, chemotherapy related discomforts, infections, colds and detoxification of substances or toxins.

Sugilite - is most definitely a stone for the New Age. It is an incredibly powerful healer and represents spiritual love and wisdom. When used or worn it is said to help the new energies present on the planet, flow into the Crown Chakra and then down through the others, helping us to connect with the 'Source'. High grade, deep purple Sugilite is becoming extremely scarce and is, therefore, becoming very expensive.

Sunstone - is the mineral Oligoclase from the Feldspar group. Its keywords are healing, protection and success, and as its name suggests, it resonates with the masculine energy of the Sun, making it the perfect counterpart to its sister-stone, Moonstone. It is a dynamic, energy giving crystal, good for activating sluggish, lower Chakras. It is a light bringer and will bring in happiness with its cheerful energy. Excellent for sufferers of SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) and for general cleansing of the liver and kidneys.


• Tanzanite - is a beautiful violet-blue stone which takes its name from its source; Tanzania in Africa. Due to its increasing scarcity, is rare to find it in rough or tumbled pieces of a useable size and is therefore, more often found in small jewellery settings. It has a very high vibration; prolonged use of this stone, whether through regular meditation with a small piece or by wearing the crystal, can clear any blockages which may be present between the 5th, 6th and 7th Chakras; thus creating an open channel. It is also said to aid inner vision and psychic abilities. It is best cleansed by moonlight.

• Tanzine Aura is similar in appearance to Aqua Aura (slightly paler) but resonates more with the higher vibration Violet Ray (Violet Flame) than the Blue Ray. It is Clear Quartz coated with either Indium or Indium and Gold giving it a gorgeous violet-indigo colour. High vibration crystal which can help with non-attachment and releasing Karmic debt, therefore it is excellent for ascension work. Aids intuition on a different level to Aqua Aura, providing access to the Source for inner-knowledge and enlightenment.

• Tiger(s) Eye - has a reflective quality and is considered a stone of good fortune, especially where finances are concerned. It has been used successfully to give power boosts to the Solar Plexus Chakra, consequently is good metaphysically where a weak-will or low self-esteem are indicated; physically for gastric disorders and mentally as a courage booster.

Golden Tiger Eye - is a powerful Solar Plexus Chakra stone, helpful to manifest ideas into reality and giving courage in times of change. Use Golden Tiger Eye with the Solar Plexus Chakra to increase our personal power. Tiger Eye enhances psychic abilities and balances the lower Chakras. Earthy people will find success increasing their psychic abilities using Tiger Eye when working with the Third Eye Chakra. Use Golden Tiger Eye with the Sacral Chakra to bring spiritual grounding. You can carry Golden Tiger Eye in your pocket when you need a boost of creative energy, or when dealing with issues involving power, will, control, and/or concentration. Golden Tiger Eye can provide balance to those experiencing extremes, and as such, can be helpful to those with manic depression, or bipolar disorder. A common method of using intention to attract prosperity is surrounding a lit green candle with Golden Tiger Eye. While all forms of Tiger Eye help to raise vibrations, Golden Tiger Eye will also connect these energies to the lower Chakras in balance, keeping one from feeling disconnected when working with higher goals.

*Red Tiger Eye - brings energies of vibrance and vitality, and of enhancing integrity of self and can be very grounding. It is said to help us have the practicality and willpower to take care of ourselves fully. It is a survival stone and can help with the correct use of power for survival in difficult times, and can bring vitality. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. It promotes energies of health and vibrancy of those who wear it. It is said to bring good luck. Red Tiger Eye is associated with the Root or Base Chakra. It also has the energetic properties of "regular" or Golden Tiger Eye.

*Tiger Iron
Sometimes called Mugglestone, is a combination of Hematite, Red Jasper, and sometimes Yellow Jasper or Golden Tiger Eye. It is a grounding stone that also brings protection, especially protection from danger. It is also a stone of clarity, clarity of knowledge, enabling us to see the truth below the apparent surface of issues.
Tiger Iron also helps with creative endeavors and all types of artistic abilities. It is used to bring strength, vitality, confidence, willpower, and balance. Brings more motivation to lives. Tiger Iron is related to the Sacral and Root Chakras.

Tiger Jasper - is not about thinking or analyzing things, it's about experiencing life right in the moment. Tigerskin ''Jasper's'' animal colours intensify those things. Tigerskin ''Jasper'' takes us out of our heads and puts us back into our bodies, giving whole new meaning to the expressions "hold that tiger!" or having "a tiger in your tank." Expect to purr at least a little when you wear it.

• Topaz - is typically found as a beautiful, golden brown to yellow stone, with the latter often being mistaken for Citrine, and vice versa. Blue Topaz is found in nature, but is far rarer. Most of the Blue Topaz available commercially is usually heat treated clear Topaz. Nonetheless, it is still real Topaz and has the same metaphysical properties of the naturally occurring type. It is one of the hardest crystals on the planet, which is one of the reasons why it has been used extensively in jewellery making for thousands of years. It carries a joyful energy and is considered a very lucky stone, attracting good fortune to the wearer. The blue in particular is a stone of spiritual love and peace. It is also a manifestation stone, helping to realize dreams in the physical realm.
It promotes abundance through benevolent thoughts and actions and is a stone of deep compassion, making it the perfect choice for any charitable undertakings.

Silver Topaz - also called White Topaz is a stone of success and manifestion when directed toward the highest good of all. It promotes creativity and individuality. It replaces negativity with love and joy. It is said to enhance healing and visualization and aid in the healing of depression, wounds, and skin problems. It helps communication with animals and plants. Silver Topaz is associated with the Crown Chakra, but will work with all Chakras. Topaz is associated with the astrological signs Scorpio and Saggitarius.

• Tourmaline - a powerful crystal with dynamic energy or vibrations. They come in a myriad of colours, with prices varying almost as much as the choice of colour; with Black (Schrol) Tourmaline being the cheapest and Paraiba Tourmaline being extremely expensive. Blue (Indicolite) Tourmaline specimens can also be pricey for good quality specimens. By far the most popular are black, pink, blue and green Tourmaline.

Metaphysically, Tourmaline crystals have been valued throughout the ages for their stunning beauty as much as for their healing qualities. When faceted the pink/red, blue and green varieties have often been mistaken for Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. In healing terms, Tourmaline crystals act fast in resolving problems; cutting straight to the heart of the issue with their clarity, energy and glorious colour. They can disperse negative energy, enhance psychic ability and increase self-confidence. Below is a brief description of the most popular Tourmalines used for healing purposes, plus they are the most readily available. .
Black Tourmaline (common name: Schrol) The black variety is said to provide protection from negativity in all forms; from people, spirit entities, electromagnetic smog and geopathic (environmental) stress. It absorbs and deflects this energy, so regular cleansing is essential. It is not advised that this be done via water or salt, but sitting a piece in a bowl or organic, brown rice for 24 hours (or until you feel it has been fully cleansed) should suffice. Always safely discard of the rice afterwards, NEVER cook and eat it or feed to your pets! Black Tourmaline is also said to sharpen ones mind; to speed up our reactions and mental processing. It resonates with the Base (or Root) Chakra and is an excellent grounding crystal and can enhance vitality and promote emotional balance. It is readily available at a modest price.

Green Tourmaline is an excellent healing crystal, and if worn for prolonged periods, is considered one of the best all-round, general healing 'tonic' crystals. Its lovely deep colour resonates directly with the Heart Chakra, helping restore a sense of hope where despondency, grief or depression has been present. Wearing or using a piece lets us see that we have options in life and can help us see which is the best route for our spiritual progress. It is said to be able to rekindle creativity where it has been blocked (as with writer's block) and is, therefore excellent for creative and artistic types. It has also been used for earth healing and connects with all earth energy work; especially if using or working with herbs, and has long been thought of a healer of ailing plants.
Green Tourmaline is also said to be very lucky for the wearer; attracting abundance and prosperity! Good specimens, whether in jewellery or rough, are a bit more expensive than the black.

Pink Tourmaline (common name: Rubillite) has a deep, comforting, peaceful energy. It can help to transform negative behavioural patterns into positive ones, especially those brought about by lack of love and nurturing as a child.
It can help heal emotional pain caused through loss; whether grieving for loved ones, people and animals, or the loss of a relationship. It removes the associated pain and fear that comes with such a loss; instilling calmness and restoring a sense of peace. It also teaches us self-love & acceptance, to trust others, and also helps us learn true compassion. It achieves this by opening our Heart Chakra thus enabling us to truly feel what others are experiencing, leading to a better understanding of our fellow human beings. It corresponds to the Heart Chakra. Pink Tourmaline is also considered one of the best fertility stones and is also thought to aid the physical heart where strength is lacking. Good specimens, whether in jewellery or rough, are a bit more expensive than the black.

Blue Tourmaline (common name: Indicolite) This colour Tourmaline is a very spiritual stone, increasing our awareness of and receptiveness to the higher, subtle vibrations. For this reason it is an obvious choice for psychic attunement or development. It works well with both the Third Eye (or Brow) Chakra and the Throat Chakra; facilitating communication in the latter; helping us to express ourselves more precisely and positively. It is also one of the more expensive stones in this family.

Tourmalated Quartz - also called Tourmalinated Quartz, shares the properties of its components - the grounding and deflection of negative energy found in Tourmaline, as well as the energy amplification and consciousness raising ability of Quartz. Tourmalated Quartz can help bring balance to the Yin and Yang energies, and is often used as a good luck charm. The combination of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline creates a powerful ally in our spiritual growth. While the Quartz can be an aid to those on the spiritual path, the Black Tourmaline can help keep us well-grounded, thus avoiding that out-of-touch sensation that can often result from being too focused on the higher pursuits. Black Tourmaline in Quartz can also help us to avoid picking up negative vibrations from the environment or other people, making it a great crystal for our pocket or purse. Tourmalated Quartz is loved by crystal healers for its energetic cleansing effect on the aura, and is great for energy healing sessions and grid work.

• Turquoise - this most beautiful of crystals has been prized across the globe for thousands of years. It is considered one of the Master Healing Stones and legend has it that it will change colour to warn the wearer of impending danger! It purifies, strengthens and enhances all four energy bodies and when coupled with Pearl it can be a great emotional balancer whilst also helping create focus to aid personal goals.


Unakite* - is composed of Pink Feldspar, Quartz and Green Epidote, giving it a unique blend of colours. The beautiful green and terracotta colours found in Unakite reflect its element of Earth. It is an excellent grounding stone, especially after meditation and can help disperse electromagnetic pollution and background radiation emitted from televisions and computers. Works well with Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras.


*Violet Flame Opal - has been used to activate and open the Base Chakra, Third Eye and Crown Chakra. It brings a brightness to the Third Eye so visions have increased 'brightness' so it is excellent for visioning and gaining answers to questions. It intensifies the energetic connection between people. Also called Purple Opal is a symbol of royalty and luxury and has been used to access the kingdom of Leon to gain techniques with respect to increasing our wealth.
Violet Flame Opal has been used extensively to connect with Pieione, a beautiful star in the Pleiades, to gain information about the true workings of our universe, to gain information in respect to energy transfer and energy balance, and to connect with the star people of the Pleiades. It has also acted to increase the intensity of light which we perceive such that darkness is more filled with light. It's Uses include Visions, Increase Divine Light, Pleiades Connection, Wealth, Opening the Third Eye and Crown Chakras


Yellow Agate- has all the properties of Agate, with the additional properties of the colour yellow, which include increased willpower, concentration, memory and logic. Use Yellow Agate on the Solar Plexus Chakra to help us gain more self-confidence as well as the ability to learn from our past mistakes.
Physically, Yellow Agate may help with digestive ailments, including food allergies and slow metabolism. It is also said to aid in skin problems, such as eczema.

*Yellow Opal - has the same properties as any other Opal but it also carries additional properties associated with its colour. Yellow Opal is said to have an uplifting and revitalizing effect, however, if we are already feeling down this is not a good stone for us as it can amplify emotions which is fantastic when your up and motivated, but not much fun if we are feeling blue!
It brings within it emotional stability and helps to reinforce positive thought patterns. Opal can encourage inventiveness and creativity. It is a great stone for removing blockages, especially self imposed ones that limit personal growth. Yellow Opal is said to enhance psychic abilities.
In physical healing yellow Opal is used to treat gallstones, kidney stones and helps the body fight infection, it is also said to be useful in the fight against parkinsons disease.


Zebra Jasper is a wonderful stone for meditation and centering. It will increase your appreciation for the joys of life. It stimulates transition to the astral plane.
Hold or meditate with Zebra Jasper to increase our compassion and understanding for others so that we are able to view deeply to the inner person. It aids in physical energy and is an exceptional stone for increasing endurance in an athlete. Jasper is a stability or grounding stone.

Please Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.